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the thrombus. But as the arteries of the small intestine anastomose

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none of Rogers cases has there been a relapse. The two of

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of using which IS shown in the annexed drawin Pig 1

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and no deep seated lesion necessarily results. In a se

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Principles and Practice XI Senior Seminar Elective. The seminar is

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He has also by the electric method made investigations in the

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junctivae. Dryness of the skeletal muscles was usual. The parietal pleura

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was excised. One vessel required ligation the button of bone was

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acidity it was flrat remarked is an absolutely essential condition tot

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ceding peri bronchitis which has diminished the elasticity of the bronchial

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diagnosis is not always possible until the operation has

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for the placing of suitable cases under the care of ollicial

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struck and as Surgeon General Stevenson observes Its

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of the series which will be presented as an independent volume to every

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prices to recovery of costs. A solid cost accounting system should

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circumstances of drowning require that means be used to counteract

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pay for what was done but was not asked to pay. When he

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sional education from their graduates and as far as circumstances per

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or injustice which has been dispensed to their predecessors before

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examinations of the heart should be made during the treatment of all

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a certain complex of conditions A then a certain event B must

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uthority for the enlistment may be requested from these headquarters.

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of communication of leprosy that it appears rather far fetched to

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with accixracy and sing correctly all day long one ballad following

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saw him in an attack the pain being severe enough to inter

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ten equivalents of carbon and eight of hydrogen with muriatic acid

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where there are comparatively few sanatoria without a resident

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of this phenomenon I can offer is the peculiar blood supply of the

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being absorbed and taking no share in the new formation. It might

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brown olor and vesicles full of yellowish lymph formed which

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ments of experimental medicine and marks an important

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of its outer layers from trees indigenous to and cultivated in

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lar in those complicated cases in which as in the case where one

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was walking about the hospital almost wholly free from

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behalf of the Medical School I thought it would be an

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As regards frequency and time incidence the seizures

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with similar symptoms there was loss of power on the left side. Bristowe

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with lard place in pans and when.sufficiently light it

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through in accordance with the principle of survival of those

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choroiditis iritis and atrophy of the optic nerve have

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performed on 1 the abdomen i2 the urinary system and

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cedure although momentarily discouraged by a few unfortunate accidents

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heart disease. Iost of them will go through very well indeed but

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after Euler and Meunier all the theory of curvature that of conjugate

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parts of the body which for the time being have been

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expectoration. Air progressively re especially in the earlier stages im

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the scapula. Left lung apparently normal. Leucocytes

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one margin of the tendon from without inward some dis

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tions may be secured with a height. iof 13 feet i length 39

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to have been an acute rheumatic ophthaliuitia. He recovered well

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the foul air of a room rises to the ceiling in warm weathei

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pleura. Many cases have been recorded where such a mistake has been

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vicinity and it is an operation to which he had de

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istic of marked obstruction to the outflow of blood from the ventricle into

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floor so that the floor can be completely flushed with a hose.

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me whether these two conditions that is the pale face and the absence

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clean water. The surfaces are then rubbed over with a swab

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caljin passengers of which six are Europeans while there

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cellent in description of a part is misleading in its

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is Pull by Summer Fallow and Salt. A Michigan farmer writes to

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mittee should not prejudice the discussiou on the following

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and Foreign Medico Chirurgical Review is published by two separate

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