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thirty years past that owing to the elasticity of the

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and rh secretions checked. For this baths and moist

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The meningitis was evidenced by a sero albuminous effusion in

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terostomy worked well up to the patient s death from

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That intestinal protozoa are numerous and widespread among

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As to visceral gout something should always be attempted for

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of lead taken up by the water of Lake Cochituate in

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have been by legislative enactment erected into and constitute our city

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ingly affections of the substance of the brain may themselves

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cases now it is opened not only for definite opera

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September he was rejected at the preliminary examination of the

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of lues representing a more or less active invasion

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sponsible for the formulation and enforcement of such hospital rules

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becomes depressed and the venous circulation altered both of

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Symptoms. The affection is entirely local. The constitutional dis

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and physiological points in the cardiac mechanism. Briefly

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poisoning. Probably its effects are largely coun lt

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cular infections and later when the axillary lymphatics were

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of the cases which were successfully operated upon appear in

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Page 55 ligne. 2 opus post humanum lisez up us pustlntmum.

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woman about eight months pregnant who fell across a chair lacerating her

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diagnosis and progno treatment of 1431 pathological states occasion

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the latter is based in so far as my observation has revealed

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to be encoimtered iu the sputum while the more resistant

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the unfortunate observations he does respecting the intro

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So far I have considered animals only as passive objects of ex

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disease is more common than is generally supposed and

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under the hip bones take the place of a ring in avert

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and to such practitioners the following paragraphs may

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he was not only successful in running the blockade but

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known of his works are the ConsiUa these contain many excellent observations although

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orange yellow colour it is employed in the same manner and in

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diseases. The dry climate of the West is better for consumption than the

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that there may also be considerable differences in the amounts necessary

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Living and laboring as I did in the Yazoo Miss. delta where

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tion. But typhoid bacilli may cause pneumonia as the

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from the start the onset almost always being at night

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sepsis is superb and could accomplish immense good if


Another possible source of error which may be accountable for con

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