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licalth had no complaints of any kind and there was

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Faure eveque d Amiens a prechee a Saint Denis. Toutes

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Sister Kittie s home from college with a host of modem kinks

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that we will try the child with fat 3 fo proteids 1 lactose

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purged a good deal and a warm drench will often be required. At

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Ibis treatment give relief at tlie time of an attack but it

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of November 26th p. 919 then came up for discussion mkI

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markable way giving to them a paroxysmal character. A whole series of

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noxious personages from our lectures. This was the class of 97

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complete occlusion of one or both orifices by a membranous or osseous

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PUERPERAL FEVER. From Paerpera a woman in childbed. Fever

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L884. The Surgical Treatment of Uterine Tumours both Innocent and Malignant.

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every isolated detachment to the field hospital. The problem

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the student that every mental trouble or delirium for instance

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in the battle rather than in the fruits of victory that

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ities the world over. Ocular food feeds the eye directly and is

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lateral flattened 1 mm. long. Male inflorescence short peduncled the branches

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filtrate has no bacteria but particles are seen in it.

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about 12 per cent furnished satisfactory legal claim to such right.

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definite. In the second group the features are those of hypertrophy and

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eye brightened the leaden color left his face to be

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tion as a student of the Medical Faculty obtained in some

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duced by the anaesthetic on the rectal as compared with that

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with the fact that during the operation cheesy infective material may

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its course though this was the exception. In other cases the

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child delinitely syphilitic. Wasseruiaun reaction sliylitly

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then this committee shall be considered as discharged

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it is found in the saliva secretions of the middle ear and

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iting friends in the adjacent city walking three or

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iioy was Itllied in tliree weelis and doseondin aorta was injected willi

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iiitrod iced into deep ulcers and liquid injected through them by means

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of this description having in former times kept a flock of between

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tinal results showed that in about one half the number of

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retention of the axis cylinders this di myelinated area.

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a demonstration at oxieration of the actual nerve injury in

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