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Dr. Sligh Granite Montana The facts of mj case are as fol

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The author further gives certain regulations with regard to natives

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and died in delirium. At a partial autopsy the hepatic and common

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after his attaclc of influenza of last year. The sargeon of the

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Roberts 66 of Philadelphia with a fatal result and two so

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typhoid fever in which the temperature has never regis

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The patient became greatly emaciated before death. The differ

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feverishness dry and rough skin unhealthy sallow look. After an

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two fluids heated milk gives no reaction but remains white.

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almost invariably fail to warn the parents as to this

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collapse or subsidence of the cervical veins often tensely filled

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l e mailed and that nomination by twenty members entitled to vote

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aques essentiellement Nerveuses in Mem. de la Sociele Med.

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able success. I have seldom found it necessary to divide more

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the chief difference between a rapid and a slow operator. This

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has been combined with morphia chiefly because it is

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on the patient should it become detached from the tube.

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ment incidental on the painlessness of the parts it is still in excess

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once a AVcek washing with soap warm water and hog s hair

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both hips in 4 cases the reduction permanent on one

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individual members ot the Local Medical and Panel Com

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better way can I assist the practiHoner than by giving a

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patients. Some questions arose between the defendant and the managers

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The skin and sclera had a marked icteric tint. The liver markedly enlarged.

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injected with human tuberculosis and with it he inoculated guinea

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According to this report the Society had its origin in

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parents of the responsibilty of diseased children. It would

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an urgent need in such cases of some diagnostic resource which will

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essay on the effects of ether inhalation contains much valuable infor

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PHTSICAL PROPERTIES. Its odour is faint but disagreeable and

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seen one case namely in the boar. Th disease produces specific

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distinctly intermittent type esjiecially if becoming at some definite period

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meeting of the committee February 24 1919 the follow

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the cold against the mastoid for twenty four hours

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or her usual doctor if that doctor s services are available

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by way of Corea. The practitioners and teachers were priests.

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the course followed by the spider over the skin after biting so

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many ways just as young animals do. Arthur Rickett The

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At the first examination held by the State Board of

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or perhaps two may be distinguishable. The external coat being

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tised in privies and the other haunts of men. They still per

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A Text Book of the Practice of Medicine. By James M. Anders

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were serving but even this was considerably lower than it had been

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this case until he had inoculated rabbits with a portion

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giving them a sharply tortuous appearance. The fundus picture

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The American Practitioner is the title of the amalgamated

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nanced by the name sometimes found in Scripture and was

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medical men in the district. With these characteristics

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avoid the risk of being lost himself as well as the

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