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plain. The advantage gained by the villages being on the hills is lost

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in chronic inflammations of the bladder and various disorders of the urinary

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the tail was lifted. The least excitement caused the membrana

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Of 190 cases 133 were in men 57 in women Schlesinger. A large

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the Ephemerides Alix Marstral and others record instances of self castra

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in the form of food and the oxygen received in the process of

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London is now provided with two mortuaries where by means of a glass

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experiments from December 1944 until the end of the war.

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Hong Kong among the Chinese who have recovered after a

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atmosphere. Fused nitrate of silver should be used only

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horses that were quite valuable animals in respect to everything but their

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ber and size. The skin exhibits large numbers of bare mangy points

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viduals in this city during the last ten years but has never

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bone in general the cranium is insensitive to the trephine.

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When lungs begin to decompose they cliange color from

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for confident diagnosis save for the coexistence of characteristic sputa

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Despite this malformation the embryo develops. The foetus may

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effects. Dr. Bruce confirms the results obtained by

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bark. Of the infusion of berries from one to four fluid ounces.

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years. So long as the reaction is positive it is jus

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cient purity to recommend them to use. The method of examination is

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Panax fruticosum L. is commonly cultivated in gardens as stated by Per

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and ropy pus passed every time with the urine. The sound introduced

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contrarv. Let us without prejudice weigh all the evidence

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laid between the ears and over the forehead secured in any way

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their difficult solubility. For while a certain rather limited value attaches to

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marks on the case and from the temperature chart as well

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certainty. Biohard Boe will follow the race type of his parent

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The disorders and diseases of this system fall readily into

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soreness is insignificant and does not last so long as the rash on

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certain vocations is because of the relatively larger number of persons

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ritis in the latter disease the symptoms are delayed sometimes occur

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the treatment previously used he at once determined

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ten drops but owing to an accident in its arrangement not more than

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have no weight in cases in which the clinical appearances were indicative

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Dr. Jcnner s object in the present communication is to illustrate

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sexual intercourse an infection which is just as often the cause

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stenosis or atresia of other orifices for example of the

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believe of considerable interest and importance. In these

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as the expression of a reflex neurosis from the trigeminus.

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labored under the repletione of the same tumor and like

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