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before resorting to a direct interference with the gland

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On the topic of the therapy of shock which the acapnia

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junctivitis is an excellent clinical division and one of practical value.

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University. Later he went abroad and continued his studies at

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tunity to study these cases that one must doubt the value

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Training. Training of the enlisted force Medical Department has

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tion of the stools is absolutely necessary and must

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the interruption of pregnancy is born alive with manifestations of

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thing can he done to prevent typhoid fever. The patient threatened with

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Two years ago he noticed for the first time some trouble with his

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produce suppurative disease of vein itself. Chief features of suppurative

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drainage is inferior and hence the healing process will be

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Dunn J. E. 24 Stephenson Terrace Preston Lancashire

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cases was by the lateral incision and the gorget. In the thirteen

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The crude ferments which have been used for ages by Oriental

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leukocytes may be diminished due at least in part to changes in the

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the members of Congress to the city and gave them a

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himself as dysentery with blood poisoning from eating oysters.

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sac and is attached to the positive pole. The negative pad

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thing be removed also the reports of examination of the excised

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generally furnished by the bunion plaster use as a shield. I am wishing

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Crisp observed the abdominal aorta affected 105 times out of


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the stomach sudden illness is produced. This is most com

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of roundish excavations the size of a pea and larger

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of the blood stream and suggests that from the beginning

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by fair means and foul and the calculation of the future is the

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complete translation and discussion of its contents

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occupye the Mystery of Surgery or no within the Cytie

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thirty years at the same rate as statistics show it

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