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be St rest. Small wonder that we have so many weaklings among

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further examination of the patient we will not pursue because of


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times as much yeast has been produced as was added to the wort.

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full if the causative factor is to be intelligently

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of June last as some of your readers will remember an account

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ence. In the recent period our investigation and inspection

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written upon this subject have mentioned the expulsion of

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the spread of venereal disease should be combated by

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the suspensory ligament. In the last situation the abscess usually ex

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Street. In it was described as in successful operation and af

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failed him a few years ago and even since then has kept familiar

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arteries and cause sudden death or rapidly fatal syncope.

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Another states that each student will be given every facility

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lowed him with diminishing severity about ten days preserving

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tion he subdivides the disease into two large groups

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tended by nature to dominate. The distinction between moral

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practical was done he stated also that some members of the Board

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should break out. He was satisfied that the disease wasdiverted

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three years. He rendered signal service to obstetrics and gynaecology

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ence at the time it could hardly be estimated at its

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to help a noble physician struggling under adversity and

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as if they had succumbed to the action of some powerful poison. Dr.

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The causation of epithelial cancer of the tongue was un

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provide them with the means of earning a livelihood bat

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place causing small facets to appear. Injection of the

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guilty of unprofessional and dishonorable conduct but

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ment of the inflammation the young man was moved froui one bed to

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The disease will be seen to be entirely confined to the

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It is really a chronic gummatous periostitis which gradually leads to great

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The case which was underUhe care of his colleague Pepper excited a great

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the Bacillus anthracis and that they cannot be developed except

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directions varies but little and averages the a o their long

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introduced into tire lymphatics and serves to elaborate

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have any special tendency to affect any particular nerve or

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normal but the pericellular spaces of the angular second and

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which are not so regarded registration is compulsory in

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preferred method to enter data in the conputer however developing a system

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pigs. In only three out of forty eight cases in which

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seventh day and the specific poison is probably capable of com

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of the Board of Examiners and a member of the Medical Society

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