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ease. Still his results have not given him a favor

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fluid and Ringer s solution using equal portions and found

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advocated with earnestness by different surgeons there

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tion and also other organisms gain access to the circulating

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as regards the manner of their destruction and as to their duration as

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Pollution of Rivers. A large committee has been study

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In the case of certain ti ypanosome and spirochaete

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on looking back to my first attack and kuov ing that it

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in cases of sudden death and in the victims of acute disease

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Clinical Observations in Relation to Medicine in Modern Times.

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If we may conclude from the presence of granular matter

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Despite inoculation as we have already seen during the eighteenth century

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of Bright s disease in certain surgical diseases of the

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this latter disease are much more precarious than in the

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complete involvement of nearly his whole right lung readily explained.

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craft palsies. Pianists violinists telegraphists and clerks suffering from

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many dangers and impostures to which their inexperience or

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Cold affusion to head while body is in a warm bath. Sinapisms or

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the color of the urine passed stamping the character of the dis

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tractions cease and the pregnancy continues but even

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morning. 2 Mental fatigue. Children do badly at school

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stances was extended in the Ninth Revision to vegetable and animal

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larger than those which make up the internal part of the

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necessity of the quantity of the antiscorbutic substance

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those of typhoid severe pain in the abdomen temperature runs up to

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pressure is toward hypotension. This hypotension may be a

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short hacking one an irritating or exasperating one

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such simple injections as the one used in this case. A

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at a loss to explain. This may be explained in four ways at

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attacks most of the common metals the prominent excep

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Mr. John Wood proposed That in the management of hospitals

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reader is referred to Keen s Cartwright Lectures on the Surgery of the

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characteristic of Boa is possibly the direct result of the loss of

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distinctly felt through the abdominal wall. At my evening visit she

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given as a fitting name both to honor the greatest American physi

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ments made without plan or purpose met with in various diseased condi

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order to occupy the space. The former almost invariably occurs. We

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etc. and vegetables salads etc. as are destined to be eaten

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ticular attention should be given to the accurate coapta

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On November 23 the following notice appeared in the Baltimore

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a s X cimen witth an extensively healed fracture of the outer

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was read on the treatment of acute alcoholism by large doses of digitalis.

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When thus fortified it was believed that a modus vivendi could

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than 19 c lohereas in 467 cases of placenta prcevia Univer

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majority of cases profit by some form of gymnastics. A gal

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it will degenerate into a foul politicians nest like its sister

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the visual fields and 5 the ophthalmoscopic examination.

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of her total population capable of bearing arms according to the census

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regulations of the congress no papers shall exceed fifteen

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the hospital he was very pale and suflTorlng severe abdominal

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ment farm and herd are under the absolute control of the labora

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treated by inverting the patient a case of strangulated. 180

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againftanyvker chops or ill matter arifing out of the

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feet high. The flowers are solitary consisting only of the tubular

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Here I have terminated the use of electrically pro

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last two or three years it has been a thorny question m Board

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planet Neptune which furnishes one of the most brilliant chapters

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It is becoming a favorite medicine with the profession for

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Appuntl Sull Azione Fisiologica e Terapeutica Dell Ittiolo.

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tion. Guinon and Jolly 9 in discussing the subject divide the

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of age with very marked laryngeal oedema due to chronic neph

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fatigue or loss of sleep anything which his own experience

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the protest which I have made herewith will stand several

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of repeated specimens of the urine will generally enable the physician


the drinking water night and morning. At the end of two weeks or

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to germ life but let me caution you not to employ this agent

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there lias been some subsultus tendinurn. Sees unpleasant objects upon

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leading cases upon the various subjects upon which he receives instruction.

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grains by the mouth increased notably the contracting power of

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and of which he should drink three or four pints daily. Patients who

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mitral regurgitation and in stenosis with irregular pulsation

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in question and those w hich may be referred to the original

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lamina towards the median line the brain and spinal marrow whicli

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as though the child were slipping through. These loose shoulders are

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reported a careful series of experiments on the effect of calcium

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For the correction of simple myopic astigmatism we use sim

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normal. Destruction of acinar tissue or pancreatic infection was

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to see what particular purpose this work subserves

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govern nalural laws of evojulion we have observed that

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scope reveals retinal haemorrhages. Cardiac murmurs are usually absent

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the wounded Germans as well as Belgians. The Tilnes

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cauliflower like shape and soon projects into the oral cavity

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plete loss of power and absent sensibility in all his ex

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tho di icascd organ Their explanations are very clear to peo

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problem is most serious simple and X rays ultraviolet rays and radium

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Calliphorine from human tissues in Australia. 1 will be very glad if

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houses and additional facilities in new houses something that

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