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So completely infiltrated and so firm were the lungs

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tradictory results have been occasionally obtained

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pigeon. These birds have been found to be heavily infested both

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disturbances of development. If there has been in any particular

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and bullets through the liver do not generally do much

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making balls for horses but it is new superseded by molasses.

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of all in medicine from the beginning to the end. He has

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Illustrative of this it may be noted that he followed up his

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anything new or novel in them but to call the attention of the

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amputating are only of importance as they affect the

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to the needs of the garrison. Appropriation has been made f jr a

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is required to save mother and offspring. What then is the first most

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For medical purposes charcoal thus prepared is not sufficiently pure

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duced into an incandescent tube kept at a very high

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months sudden onset of fain and increased debility no impairment

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the London Scliool of Tropical Medicine delivered an

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the level of the spinal segment. But this influence

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one of the first certainly who was gifted with that precious ability

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found that pepsin digestion takes place best with 0.06 and 0.08

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She runs the risk of venereal infection the same as the

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uterus and condition of the myometrium are considered. To

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seen one case namely in the boar. Th disease produces specific

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lesion in the fourth or fifth lumbar or first sacral

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or of ezhauBtion of these muscles due to a constriction which always

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in the past few years is along the line of serum theraphy and

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They are prone to occur in animals afflicted with rickets.

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congested organ dragging upon the uterus at the cer

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foremost citizens for the present or their anxious apprehensions for the

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parts and if the projecting nodules are confined to

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organs of respiration may be altered in five different respects

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air. And moreoyer it hating been proved hatoompresaion of

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By deducting the oxidized from the total sulphur the non

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repetition of the dose mentioned to every six hours and finally after

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Thk report of the Food Investigation Board for the year

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Last week a bazaar to aid the anti vivisectionists in their crusade was

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not been enabled toget tonelher more than forty cases. Again when

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lococcus pyogenes aureus is the responsible organism

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Symptoms. GeneralhT these balls cause no appreciable disturb

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The view that the disease ha s its origin in the central nervous

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not reflect that in ninety and nine cases out of every

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the curious is exemplified in the almost ludicrously monotonous iteration of

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man was quite green both on the abdomen and the back and the

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ration. Hence the laws of Rdigiou are the rules ot health anU correct

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serious yet those leaving superficial i ain either over the thoracic

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practitioners have either never had any useful knowl

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the urea of the blood is normally contained entirely in the

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will be found to be longer. I consider these results most encouraging

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ment mentioned by Welch selbaum and Stangl has been reported

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various drugs based on his studies of 2 000 separate

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The infectious nature of this disease has been sug

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formed very little more is heard of the appendix. It is worse than

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ordered inervation are available. Active friction of the abdomen

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the gallstones may be confined to an easily accessi

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eruption also hat the scales are whiter larger and more CH pious than

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however from peculiar circumstances been made to rest too ex

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pneumonia and yet present where no pneumonic condi

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Physical examination showed a poorly nourished boy having a

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ment is unduly brief and those which are practically moribund on

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several varieties of opium Turkey Egyptian East Indian Persian

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officers charged with the duty of making physical examinations of men inducted

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epidemic there are cases sinking rapidly without vomiting or purging

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This little patient was brought to the private infirm

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attention and cause him to seek medical advice. It usually comes on

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District Medical Society will meet at the Salem Hoe

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like cells. Blood vessels usually have normal vessel walls and

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or diving in salt water. This man tells me that since early

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and constant. Diphtheritis and ulceration are not safe

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Monk formerly of Girton College Cambridge and latterly

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taminated abdominal cavity and the abscess cavity containing

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staining with osmic acid did not give the dense black of the

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The study of the nervous system has been made under the

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have even suggested unsexing those classes of people

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is contained in a manuscript in the British Museum called

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in which albuminuria supervenes a fall of temperature and a diminu

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reason is to be considered in giving a purge but when the

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with a lambent blue flame combining with the oxygen of the air and


ness or negro lethargy is a disease of the central ner

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This liospital which hn s bocn aheady described iu ihe

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Manchester Herbert Linney Hawksley Buxton Hugh Tilsley Massey

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them injuries produce unexpected results abrasions are slow to heal

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to the affected joint and then covered with oil silk or

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