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which was more effectually treated by dilatation and curetting.

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in the head for some time or the patient may be in a

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Notwithstanding the fact that sheep are anion lt r the principal sources of

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should be firmly kneaded with the two hands while the patient s hips

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extremely difficult thing to determine in any animal whether or

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of asthenopia these attacks of dimness appear frequently and

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of lymphoid tissue. When this mass encroaches upon the free border

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ment of technical knowledge of military aflfairs. The students

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this ground substance there may be found pale gray or yellow

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liver was somewhat enlarged and adhered by its inferior margin

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per cent of all cases of appendicitis which resulted

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procedure has existed in Glasgow for many years and has

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by a distinct chemic or anatomic entity that enters

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investigated for lecithin and cerebrin both of which were found

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changes in the cerebral vessels which beyond question are in many

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serves to distract attention from the real cause of disease and

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constant agony and the patient could rest but little.

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