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surgeon who narrowed his attention to the immediate

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tially lethal range ( > 40 /miol per liter). Although the

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out the twenty-four hours. In illustration, Dr. Moore cited the case of a

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on file of questioners, filled out by his Sanitary Inspector at his

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German Hospital. A condition of relative " aplasia " of hsemo-

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apparently perfectly healthy, aborted at the seventh month, the


causative diseases are likely to result in the aggravation of the

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the seventh, violent peritonitis occurred, and on the

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Animals were fed with proteids rich in phosjihoru.s, as

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cardboard splint round the arm was used for eight days, the sling

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the respirations to be quickened, but that hurried breathing in-

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to prevent infection or ventral hernia, which is often the result of

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acid, the latter being in much greater portion than that of

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examinations, we have not yet been able to observe the phenom-

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the syinptonis may be as st^vere as in true an^rina, de-

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In the cells of higher animals, deposits of potassium are also- localized ;

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galls, soreness, and subsequent atrophy of muscles swell-

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gether dependent upon the operation, but some experience

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foie et des voies biliares. Lyon Chir., 17:1-39, 1920.

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h. The solids not urea per hour varied from 0.55 to 2.05, with aver-

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like inquiries to other places. Letters were addressed to inspectors

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der, spirits camphor, essence Jamaica ginger, essence pep-

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limits of the existing infection. It is where this is impossible

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Let the outline (Fig. 12) be a pair of curved forceps to

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From the lung, secondary infestation may take place by differ-

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Scarlet Fever," which so often arise in the wards of an hospital. That

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gradually restore the mandible to its proper position. Sometimes

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on and explain to the jury that this aforesaid disturb-

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veloped pain in the right lower quadrant, accompanied by

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cerebral haemorrhage. The part they assign to atheroma is the stifiening

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hook was removed and the tenaculum applied, first one

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our least doubtful notions of the pristine condition of its people : but, using what

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panied by much swelling of the parotid and submaxillary glands,

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so in cold nitric acid; but very soluble in boiling nitric acid, and in ammonia; it

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A Concentrated Powdered Extract of Beef, Partially Digested

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Reviewing the grounds, it is clear that the natural and rational

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holiday in a similar way, it would do much to improve their work

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brane and caused the pain. Under such circumstances, slight

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with patience and unfaltering dignity. One Valentine

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