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These cases have probably a congenital origin. B. Ob-
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an afternoon nap, regular repasts, and frequent diaper
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cases having arthritic symptoms. He thought the same might be said
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41' N. L.), in Finland. Here, in 1861, Hjelt reported intermittent
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so weak, that she was obliged to keep her bed a con-
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Pavilion. On women suffering from gout or gravel, it
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of the intestines and throughout the lungs. The heart
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iHitch. The child immediately cried out, would not allow herself
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has often promptly succeeded in my hands after other and less efl&cient means
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If all this be true, the first sound of the heart is a mixed
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of lower lip removed last July. Is addicted to drink. Eleven weeks
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lobe of the left hemisphere, and a second one in the posterior lobe of the
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beo-an to experiment with gases. Many have labored in this field. Some
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were irreducible. Of fifteen acquired cases, twelve were reducible.
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is not uncommon, and a similar sensation may be felt in the legs.
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Cause. —It may be due to the character of the food taken, or
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