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the urine or faecal matter. For this effect the elaterium may be given
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treatmentj is all that is required. Albuminous food in liquid form such
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it is not invariably propugated by large serous exudations of tbe jileurti
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ment may follow. When optic atrophy develops ataxia eitlirr does n
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sory ligament. The organ may occupy the epigastric region or be dis
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tities of blood in the sputum are very common. Kannenburg and Streng
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Syntptoms. Scurvy has a alow onset. The earliest symptoms are
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cancer tissue in masses accidentally detached gives reliable indication
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valuable drugs are benzoic and boracic acid and salol. Benzoic acid is
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back. The muscles of the arm particularly the flexors in the lower
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ference of visual sense impress ions causes a disturbance of r lt ailihriain
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that this special disease with its production of newly formed connective
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The experience of country practUimxers is often par
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and albuminuria may also be present. The daily aninnnt of c
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motor disturbances are variable. Sometimes nothing can be observed
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blood corpuscles in the air cells and in the alveolar septa. Collateral
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posterior roota are more or less atrophied and grayish in color.
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skin surface and may tend to more or less pigmentation. Moderate
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are typhoid fever small pox yellow fever diphtheria and even inflnean
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removal of small sections of kidney substance to avert the necessity of
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Maretin or carbamic acid meta tolyl hydrazide is a white crystalline
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Priapism may be very troublesome. Peripheral paralysis of several cra
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itral constriction mitral regurgitation dilatation of the right ven
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nin and general tnnics should be administered. Massage of the Wjmi
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a point near to the normal our efforts should be directed toward the
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salicylates in sluggish subacute. Articular Rheumatism. The amount
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i connection between the adjacent air containing organs and
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will remain unrelieved. If dropsy be slight or absent minims.
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ministered in tbe form of a saturated solution of sodium iodid of which
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preparations of nitro glycerin. The alcoholic solution is not very
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or on removing the patient from the source of the poisoning. Fatal
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suffering from emphysema saved by timely venesection.
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liar gurgling sounds produced by the heart s action and systolic in
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tained to dificrentiate it fVom myelitis. Hy terie paraplrifia is oca
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cera. The eating of measly fish raw or partially cooked thus favors
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liver flukes and echinococci t Adhesions due to chronic peritonitis.
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sociation the former is more frequently the primary disea p than the
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thorax and abdomen are prompt and vigorous if in the dorsal region
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thus be induced. Owing to the prolonged pressure of n dendritie calcolu
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which are rare the temperature is practically uormal.
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ishes the phosphates without making the urine alkaline.
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Treatment. This varies according to the cause the latter needs
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local causative diseases broncho pneumonia pulmonary tuberculosis
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chocele is not easily confounded with other cervical tumors such as
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except hay asthma it is more prevalent in winter and early spring than
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The lumbar plexus or its brancbea may be involved hy abdominal
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character of the murmur in acute endocarditis as well as to its limited
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mentioned are found present the diagnosis of mucous enteritis is un

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