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of value in the treatment of human beriberi especially in the infantile

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sulpho ricinate of phenol para mono chlor phenol etc.

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tory ranal and furthermore is generally instrumental In

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ity of the kidney in postural albuminuria. Their findings almost

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J TCUMiott is the meet iraportout pbyncal aid in the JiagnoA rf

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entery the vomiting is not so obstinate nor the pros

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house where the phthisical patient had been living.

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cases has not been materially reduced. Marked over

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a well recognized branch of surgery. A dentist is a dental sur

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confidence and attention than is at present bestowed upon it. It is not

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said that I am advocating unsurgical practices. But I have no

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sufficient to distinguish it from pneumonia and pleurisy besides its

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bides its time. This is that faith in God which sanctifies and

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the microscopes to day are as clear as tliey were fourteen

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lutely nugatory by doubts thrown upon the source of the blood

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scrotum twice daily and it was rayed every other day.

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in isolated habitations or in goitrous districts is caused

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pay for what was done but was not asked to pay. When he

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Social science and actual life an historical narrative of the

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are the patient presents evidences of the revolution through which he

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have led in many cases to undue distention of the intestinal

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