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aerobic bacteria of the suspension of lung tissue from Rabbit C.
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the erythrocytes other than increases in the number of reticulated cells.
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gerated by work. It however increased when the patient bent for
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cavity soon contracted and the patient made what may be
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the dyspepsia with constipation of acne it is an incom
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with the task of leading educational matters once more
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foods are inefficient if the raw material happens to be contaminated
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Relapses of erysipelas are frequent. The second attack usually has
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Surgeon to Out patients at the Lock Hospital Assistant Surgeon to University
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being longer than its fellows and longer than that of the normal
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tliev were the peers of the vast hosts pouring out every year from
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are removed from efficiency. Hayes s splint can be made applicable
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fourteen weeks after the operation. She returned to hospital
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contaminating the blistered skin may set up poisoning. The angles of
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the history of the case which occurred in a girl eight years
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by sight instead of by sound and conversation. German
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had been necessary in one month. After starting the keratin treat
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ever fuddenly debilitates the iyftem as fear or cold and perhaps
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many of them inevitable simply by reason of the me
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ry street afforded instruction to three hundred boys and
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trary the irritation originated at the same place reaches cells that
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surface of the internal arterial coat. When the matter began to be
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patients and is seldom so serviceable as the sponging or bath
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when the fingers of one hand are passed through the cervix.
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circling and constricting carcinomatous mass with a
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Cysts. Thus far no cysts have been found in any of the cultures.
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less warm tongue Svhitish. There is still pain in the
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Guineas for Peipetual Ticket. Clinical Assistants to the Out Patieut Department are appointed
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as large as the closed fist and on section after the opera
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effect and yet Watters and Eaton with doses averaging
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weak solution of potash or soda it after a while coagulates and
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us either by the number of cells present or by the proportions of
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acute infectious diseases excepting diphtheria he hardly

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