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Bloxam s Laboratory Teaching or Progressive Exercises in Practical

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ftronger medicines and greater diligence is to be vfed in

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the fatty tissue is then united along the median lino without

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evidence of the value of this adjunct to our present

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some years in several French laboratories for sterilizing

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some salts. The active principle of the plant is the alealoid conia

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Dr. Gordon Dill theu went on to dea with the question from

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ule filled zone of the chief cells. The granules are there

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ment of the hv.T but consti.ation vomitintj tympanitic distention of tlie

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used. Many of the cases however occurred in countries where the latter

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mitted with tremor of hands and subjective feelings of

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sternal region and very distinct pulsation in the epigastrium. Permission

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to feel nausea and vomited almost incessantly day and

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in the advance of hot weather they should rather travel a

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from two to a dozen feet. The flowers appear in May before the

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nating in death. The first symptoms were dizziness and cyanosis on exertion.

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there is always a beginning a magneto as it were to ini

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currents which alone are accessible to experiment the two theories

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PROPERTIES. The firuit hip of the dog rose consists of the fleshy

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theatre and other works had been paid the quarterly

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constipation a faecal odour of the eructations and vomited matters the

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with energy. From the aggregate more highly charged energy is

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simulated scarlet fever. But I am now convinced that only one form

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producing a debilitating effect on the whole nervous system

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