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not transmit impulses upward for any great distance. The
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mendable place in syrups for aerated waters and in beers
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Hi drocephalus Hydropericardium and Hydrothorax have been
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These experiments reported by Dr. Lewis were undertaken
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for months as the Dresden mixture does. Then it is
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carbonic acid and watery vapor. Oxygen is the element that sup
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Scarlet Fever which so often arise in the wards of an hospital ihat
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haps in the feline races but it is not unlikely that this opinion
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Dropsy has been a difficult subject to the professed nosologist and
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California. On the other hand such diseases are developed
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pole. In applications to the head the pads forming the
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Kernig s sign very marked haamorrhagic rash all over the body tongue
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on a slide and the preparation allowed to cool the cholesterol
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but at the same time has certain close resemblances to malarious
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wholesome and unchanged after twenty four hours and may
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nerves and vessels at the bottom of the socket rather than to
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form distinct casts. They often fail to cause manifest
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tinguish between tubercular infection and tubercular
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Dr. Warbasse called attention to the character of the ulcerating
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salines should be avoided as they fill the stomach without being effect
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tion for small pox in sheep I should myself question.its
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ized by any unusual outburst of fruitage or efflores
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drawal of water from the mucous membranes by strong
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logical facts of human and animal cancer and the results
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absence was commented upon by the attendants. The writer has
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cablegrams during the period since the first announce
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are to follow me shall direct but with Sir Astley Cooper
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American occupation of Cuba. In his report as chief sanitary officer
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foimd in large numbers the majority are hyaline many of which
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of a fibro membranous sac that contains transparent humours of
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as they are called in the roof of the coach and so far
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benefit that the so called blue glass craze did it was
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Source. After Action Rpt Surg Seventh Army Aug Oct an.
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entire extremity caused by the arterial diastole and sys
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lake care of themselves leaving us to argue about the
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they should be punished. The community should be made to understand
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confined to his bed for six months was delirious a portion of the

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