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indication that the organism is becoming active. If the odour
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both oophoralgia with all their accompanying general nervous
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detinet et febris acuta & dolor totum corpus, praapue
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fifty escaped with their lives. The mortalitv r.ate
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are made of acid phosphate in powdered form. These preparations restore the nutri-
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of air both during the day and night Men who have been sleeping
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man lives to whose opinion on such a subject I would sooner bow, I
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obtained is nothing which demands the time or training of a
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tion of each form of paralysis in detail, it must be added that the
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published an analysis of the root of the above plant, and also narrated
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human life, and that even a momentary exposure to it may be fatal.
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" the alkaloid was dissolved in pure alcohol (grain
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is probably confined ; so far as known it is our only Oak.
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rather to be the results of degeneration in normally developed structures ;
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entered the clerical profession. The exact number of those who have chosen
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ly applied. Dupuytren has more than once seen cases where the pro-
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existence were more carefully investigated. Traube, who paid considerable
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Veratria, L., is slightly soluble in water, more so in ether,
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be especially prominent at the onset and the same may occur during the
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second day and showed unmistakable signs of whooping-cough on the
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nerve, the exairesis of Felix is adapted, but even then, not without
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gastrectomy they lived 420 days, a lengthening of life of about
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Other antiplatelet agents that have been thoroughly
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a dose of four grains the temperature sank six times
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des Batraciens, Bull. Sc, France et Belgique 44:333, 1911.
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official announcement, as reported in the minutes of the Executive Com-
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the first molt and it is evidently then that the larva? burrow into the
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anomaUes in the venous system. The subject of the first was a man of sixty
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hydrochloric acid as a routine. If medicine has to be given, hydrochloric
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of the intestines being swollen and distended, it may be necessary
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swine-erysipelas bacillus associated with another pathogenic bacte-
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Meibomian gland; the Meibomian glands, or palpebral
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order, and it is correct. I congratulate Dr. Robinson.
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baa been found to be present in the skin, fibrous tissues,
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For attendance involving travel out of town, mileage shall be
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to this force; but the area of the cross section of the bronchi (i. e., the
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nosis in foiu- cases. In the discussion, Dr. Leale mentioned an instance

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