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the two pubic bones in certain difficult cases of labor is

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currence of previous syphilis in tabetic women he considers not at all infrequent,

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117 girls were born between 12 noon and 6 p. m, ; 120 boys and 101 girls

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ments. By Gustav_ Fiitterer, M.I). [Reiirinted from Medi-


5 ; idiotic, 2 ; eloped, 1 ; died, 8—43. Number remaining in the Asy-


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it was found, which accounts for many of the above synonyms.

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subject, and inasmuch as what has been given in regard

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college student was employed in February and two in March. Each was trained

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heart's blood, diphtheria bacilU 7 times; in the liver, 30; in the

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Practical Value of a Medical Education to the Student of

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losopher or sage from Aristotle to Baron Von Humboldt, in all their

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centage of positive Wassermann tests is greater in yaws than in syphilis.

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contribute to the means required for enabling the New

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formed the following experiment: As soon as the regular rate

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curve from side to side of the pelvic outlet. Situated far behind the

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mony to the harmlessness of venesection upon the healthy

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eschars, contractures, muscular atrophy, disorders of the bladder, and con-

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course it is only what we have personally seen that is of service now.

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morphoses of tissue will exceed the healthy standard, as shown

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symptoms, often to an unpleasant degree of severity. Consequently, if we

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Throughout the present work it has been my aim to approach the

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lungs lu-ing impeded, the right ventricle and auricle must be unduly dis-

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Healthier Baking Recipes

Healthy Baked Dessert Recipes

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