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have been by legislative enactment erected into and constitute our city

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brown wrinkled subcylindrical somewhat angular calyx

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Emberiza pusilla and E. sulfurata are recorded as new to the Philippine

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partum infection pysemic disease or some other cause.

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in South Africa leaves Cape Town shortly for London. It is understood

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cross incision with free bleeding suction and treatment of shock

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tures of her case as communicated by Dr. Boxwell. The disease commenced

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stomach or duodenum and that usually it is hard to the site

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almost a specific in varicose veins from almost any cause.

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When smaller vessels are affected the area may be round irregular

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wigs a fading fashion were John Jones William Ship

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action being taken. Arrangements for mutual assistance

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tissues on both sides of wound infiltrated with blood and a

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idea that everything is made of mercury sulphur and salt and that

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Whelpley Frank L. Goldsboro Missouri Univ. 1902 1918 1918

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as well as a record of the maternal Wassermanu of the foetal

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of infected cases affords poor grounds for estimation of the results of

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contents. I judged that the injury had probably been caused by

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tick infested veldt they must not be dipped after this date

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granulation tissue and unlike the earlier manifestations show little tend

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Home F. Inquiry into the Nature Cause and Cure of Croup 8vo

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epilepsy chorea and scrofula especially when attended with much acid

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complement fixation test for syphilis gonorrhea and tuberculosis the

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pray for the souls of their founders and this monastic spirit with its

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pearing in the intervals. The choreic movements are the same as in the

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down specialism in medicine far from it for it is to this that

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disorder characterized by convulsive diminished excretion of urea the risk

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and contirniedly blind to the butcher lest they should perchance be

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die Wirkung der antiluetischen Behandlung allein sind nicht als

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and milk are interesting but hardly of value in the present state

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times come under observation for multiple bruises simulatinf some other kind

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tendency to run away. Such horses are frequently attacked with kicking

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congestion was coated with a copious secretion of mucus and traversed by

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appeared to be Cjuinine which was the policy adopted. Here the

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the world as a medical teacher and his reputation was secured.

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ments I have found nothing more ei fectual for this

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by saturating five parts of oily Valerianic Acid in sixty of Water with

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does not occur in the fly unless the trypanosomes are ingested

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On the anaesthetic side of the palate ery much the same

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In subsequent studies when the tests showed that in places

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contract surgeons in the American Expeditionary Forces was 13 of which

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marked improvement was generally noted a very short

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potatoes together with alkalies and other appropriate

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increased or brought on by ingestion of food but sets in some hours

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The science of surgery has at last demonstrated to the world

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l.iave spent a year in the studj of physics chemistry and

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cussions qui se sont produitesdepuisn ont faitque me confirmer dans mon opinion.

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Comparative description of the Muscles in a man and in a

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with the proper aeration of the left lung favors the rapid progress

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This will be bcft efFcftcd by the nfe of mild ciyfttrs

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or heel action is invariably met with in sound horses and I believe

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It would be well to premise a further consideration of this

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tion on the psychological growth of such a settlement. Whatever view

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with the growtli of surgery there arose the necessity

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sweetening power 150 gm. of cane sugar which is usually

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off with alcohol. The syringe which must be strong and fitted with

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breaking down into an abscess. The foetus simply grows

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inoffensive Jakobsohn vitune mort subite probabloment par

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Saint Philippe said that weaning is a period of dan

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of children was to show that a very much greater proportion

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nodules are from the size of a millet seed to a walnut. It

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unnoticed by the patient until the deafness begins to interfere with the

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is led by an intelligent public the handicapped man may

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nce of the vomiting with i eturn to the normal condition

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vary so much in width that it is impossible to judge

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leave of absence during either the first or second payment period of the

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can never completely regain their strength. Consult

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parts of the body which for the time being have been

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tendency for males to suffer in all these abiotrophies

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employment of children and improved conditions within

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and operatMos of the Leland Stanford Junior Museum during the year

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own cases the tumor disappeared by a slow process of some kind after

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boluses diets etc. for which he charged 16 u as no ill

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positions and 3 the development of intelligent and purposeful

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red i i wound n moved the followin nendmenl Dr. Rousseau

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given. On the other hand the condition is even more unendur

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should be used in accordance with its printed directions or

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other color races. The actual number of discharges amounted to 109

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AVoodhall Viaticum its inventor writing in 1639 The

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keeper asserted that Arnauld had confided to him in the strictest

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hypothetical character. So long as they are used their meaning

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until. pril 1913 when he returned to New York city.

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the prognosis is all the more favorable as the period of freedom from

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