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cient reduction of pressure before opening the dura over the

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tinuously employed. Any sudden withdrawal of bromide in the treatment

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scurf under powerful glasses if there is any mold growth

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right deepened on the left the pupil became somewhat

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Common and widely distributed in the Philippines tropical Asia to Formosa

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Inclining to a loofenefs and where acidities abound in the

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only itch you may cure it with stavesacre ointment or weak

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as preservatives many tons of meat export lt Hl from

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their normal characteristic appearance. Their size biconcave

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poses. I have tried several and believe these to be the best yet

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but if one pours water carefully on the area of hannorrhage or better

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portal vessels full of blood but no corpuscles were recognizable. In the

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part by measure of tinct. iodine and three parts glycer

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pens plus minusve fusco tomentosus dense ramosus ramis erectis vix

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blocKl serums in cases of hemophilia lias proved to

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conditions it brings the uterine fundus forward yet it does not

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of Tayabas AtimQuan 623 Whitford August 1904. Culion 496 Merrill

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lect the directions prescribed to him. A patient should never

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seven showed lesions of acute endocarditis five due to a Type

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of actions that may occur in cases of ectopic gestation and

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stopped principally with lime water and frictions with pepper and brandy.

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decided effect as in inflammation suddenly attacking some internal

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perineal are peculiarly liable to be affected by any poison

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subject themselves to notification. If this occurred noti

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atmosphere and in a well built airy and well drained

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cal as the old historians from whom hundreds of citations might

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to sketch the evolution of character. In doing so I shall be guided

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legislation has beeu suggested with the object of penalizing

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year. Eor prospectus and all information apply to the

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islands with the hope not only of making contributions to

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which having been originally reclaimed from the sea is low and full

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presses upon the obturator itself and the message is sent to the

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the causes that gave rise to it are made visible. On the floor

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