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we can distinguish correspond to very complex physiological processes.

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paper prepared for the purpose into the eye when contraction of

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as spavin gonitis or sacral lameness may be causes.

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women dysmenorrhcea and chlorosis while in the latter there are associ

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found to exist would be better than if the patient had

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persulphate of iron and one of nitric oxide gas the nitric add

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tenement house districts and nearly a dozen stands for

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in gangrenous diphtheritis is brown similar to prune juice or liquorice juice and

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mation is acute the pain will of course be more marked

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being one of the points to which the variety was bred and has

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In 20 consecutive cliplococcal cases an attempt was made to limit the

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were we oftener to select amputation in this situa

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measured eight feet four inches at the age of twenty

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operation very excellent results may be obtained by

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rounded groove of the wooden frame in which the knife plays so

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nypodermically is invaluable and should be given without hesitation.

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applgeo fba tbat it is a ipeotcine mottttrong anoit amp atf

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imperative that he understand the theory of phthisis and the


Ferrets are useful in the hands of expert rat catchers.

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possessed by the latter. Other triab were attended by the same excellent

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the hospital suffering from a first attack of rheumatic fever

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presence. That closed my investigation so far as the analysis was con

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position of coroner s physician to succeed Dr. Ham

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ber catheter and a fountain syringe are all that is needed

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things to be accomplished. First the nutrition of the body must be

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ply not going to pay its way and that the Department of Energy

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of general paresis cannot be denied. At all events this infection forms the

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status lymphaticus is extremely susceptible to infection by the

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Linimentum Saponis to assist lubrication. Employed as a

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by Prof. A. Kouzis which was the first attempt to trace

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tory products and syphilitic growths to be presently described

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medullary substance and afterwards the peripheral zone to undergo

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by Ergot but the use of ergot is only allowable on the supposition

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BiBcn John. Considerations on the efficacy of Electricity in

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A study of the curves themselves shows very little. There

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Marshall Hall attempt to explain the nature of inflammation or determine

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vantages of this procedure as any one at all familiar

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intake may damage tissue processes and clearly any considerable

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was so well beloved by his comrades that one night when he

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months. He must produce evidence of further instruction

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ter a lapse of nearly seven years there has been no

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cases has not been materially reduced. Marked over

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Symptoms. The sheep is uneasy keeps getting up andi

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males the increase for neck of 55.55 and for throat of

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ing capillaries in gout syphilis malaria in poisons which act remit

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and reenlistment and there has been a constant drain upon it by

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oblong acute cordate netted five or seven nerved coriaceous smooth a

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being. Mouldy spotted houses damp and disease engender

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on alcohol which appeared in the Contemporary Review and have been repub

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some instances the whole involved area is entirely necrotic

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origin but were symptoms of a pulmonary tuberculous infection.

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tion tending to increase the number of unprotected children was most

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rallied the pulse and temperature improved and for a moment by

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partly burying itself in the skin giving rise to a small inflammatory papule.

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foreign language one year 1 unit of American History and Civics

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eleven realizes that he has a neighbor and he wants

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we were actually looking away from them. Notable instances

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inevitable that all should benefit more or less. Con

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tuaguesia or other alkalies. Demulcents as milk white of

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may come on slowly or suddenly after an epileptiform seizure facial paral

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help. Residence in the houses of medical men is strongly recommended

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