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lations and become elongated but that new vessels also
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several such cases of malarial neurasthenia and found a
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from the pustular syphiloderm of the scalp. The occur
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ing the prevalence of strong winds and is a great and
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help in accelerating the evolution of thoracic sur
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this disease alone that the drug has the power of reducing
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an Encyclopaedia of Materia Medica. Edited by Joseph Carson
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observation the metritis has been completely cured in a month
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And indeed as Leclainche adds The recent experiments of
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various protein fractions by salting out methods. It may therefore
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driven from the part fixed upon may be again difiused
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the distance until he is several lengths ahead of the colt in
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species of the Rubus R. villosus tall blackberry with a stem stiffly
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due to a practice prevalent in some parts of Scotland of giving
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an article published in the St. Bartholomew Hospital
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the asthmatic. If however an almost purely meat diet is the only
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that the allopath regards the intensity of the fever as an indication for
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to granular urethritis and one to general urethritis oc
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dilatation of a degree sufficient to endanger the circulation and
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use of digitaHs was resumed. At the end of about six weeks
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I would appeal to the whole body of the profession to be more

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