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almost paradoxical to say that the removal of a stone

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A. V. M, Association for the years 1908 and 1909. The question,

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group of nephritics contains examples of all the usual types of

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traumatism, as blows, cuts, stretching and pressure. Ex-

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on account of the astigmatism already referred to. Sphero-cylindrical lenses are

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1889 b. — Notes on cestoid Entozoa of marine fishes. [Author's abstract of Linton,

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gation, there is clear evidence of a progressive differentiation

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10. Hartley, F. 1892. Intracranial Neurectomy of the

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5. Holman: Jour. Infect.' Dis., 1914, 15, 209, 293.

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normal. On palpation the following points may be recognised.

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experience leads me to think that family physicians are misled by the

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thereafter, without waiting for the final confirmatory

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On page 169 we read : "A transient systolic whiff may terminate in

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