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Apotoli by means of electrolysis, which acts, as he is

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between the amounts of fibrin contained in venous and arterial blood,

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lation. The doctor believes snake-poison can be used with com-

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and Congo Free State sleeping sickness with those of Trypanosoma gambiense

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made to talk continuously until he has completely recovered

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employ them aright, and apt to prefer the suggestions of

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In this communication the author called attention to certain forms of insom-

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mediate use as food, or if suitable they require treatment to

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touch, as a proclamation, bearing date March 25th, 1616|

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196. scarlet fever 46, typhoid fever 46, diarrhoeal diseases 40,

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Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey; M.D. 1970,

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germs is wanting. Hence physicians, myself included, have been somewhat

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