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predisposition etc. who has hitherto been in the full enjoyment

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was in Latin and Eughsh reminds the University of Lou

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section for the cases where turning cannot be effected on account of

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The six months course of instruction at this institution is one

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Root Wild Ginger Root and Pleurisy Root each coarsely powdered

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geon could make a diagnosis with satisfaction with

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shame than credit for them. Be this as it may one thing may

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the far reaching importance of a carefully worked out

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naturae symbolum hoc vero violare impium. Laevorem in viro

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opment of the disease or until one week after the last

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at motion either active or passive causes the most intense pain

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fetal blood and the blood formation in the liver and spleen of the

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sciousness for as all matter has in it potentiality

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has thought it necessary in non epidemic periods while the disease is

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with sedatives and alkalies or iodide of potassium 31 46 212 351

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important role that taste plays in digestion may be the cause of

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must also be understood that many of the best marked symptoms

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they consist of NaCl KCl CaCl. and MgCl. For staphylococcus the best

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Iodine and Chloride of Gold in Phthisis. This method of

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through such an opening and form a large tumour in thoracic

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Have your frame so that you can slip in a second glass

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with biliary calculi in which jaundice was present either at or immediately

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cases the disease comes on insidiously without any recognizable cause.

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plasia of the fibrous elements. This results in 6. The

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minutes and examined with a one sixth to one twelfth objec

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But perhaps the best piece of physiologic work in the eighteentli

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absent froin areas of simple hepatisation. Finally cavernous spaces of

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distal occlusion that is on the rather slender chance that an obstruction

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are continued until the last turn covers the wrist. The bandage is

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Sur I immunisation active de rhonimc contre la fievre typhoide Compt. rend.

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joint surftices sufficiently to remove the body see figure. If

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the four cases to which I have just referred. To these I

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to the pulmonary system is of particular importance in the early

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conspicuous nasociliary branch is given off to the inner side of

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ably upon the glans penis and prepuce. If five grains

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Secondary infection is produced by the absorption of ptomaines produced by

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history of his times and of the Catilinian conspiracy the antiquities connected with

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of arnica will be sufficient as a lotion. Treads from calking may receive

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which was used in the open fighting of the summer was devel

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we can and furthermore some of the medical colleges have already

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teaspoons of Cook s Friend baking powder mix well in

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relieve pain as local applications to of infant or weaning atropine 4

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maritime like the Riviera and Algiers. The seashore sanitaria

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will keep one at Uiat weight. It is at this stage providing

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a reflex effect of sensory disturbance but the paralysis is

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complete one cycle. The 60 cycle alternating current is

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no diflaculty in determining the sex except in those rare instances

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It is a valuable nervine tonic and anti spasmodic used in

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undei taken with some degree of anxiety by surgeons who have a due

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The case of Dr. Watson was one of femoral aneurism treated

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had no trouble with his teeth so far as he knew. Transil

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thereby alleviated the engorgement of the lung tissue and

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