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from an empyema. There are on record instances of peritonitis occurring
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none of the many English nurses now working in France
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centre and lying across the most convenient line of displace
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as a routine method of treatment and would employ it only in extremely
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Among these patients are two instances in which a uric
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shooters. This by the way is a point that will cer
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tached to the perineum behind the scrotum to prevent re
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The Philadelphia Medical Journal versus the Eyes of Its
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appeared and this volume is therefore especially wel
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looked because they are confined to the upper retrotarsal folds
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of Btudents bh distinguLthed from the public high school Uvdium generale
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a commentary on Mr. J. Hunter s preparations of the diseases of
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achieved. Nerve tonics are often the best hypnotics.
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In spite of the absence of Dr. Singer on mihtary duty for the
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research and observation thinks for himself and writes in
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cases of tetanus which occurred in the spring of 185S within a very
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each insf ation is from fifkeon to forty cubic inches according
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during the war have re Patent Medicines the city of New York
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there are convulsions of one or both sides of the body opisthotonic flexion
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length. The free space lying between the arches of the palate
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hainls of a competent medical attendant favors reduction. The same
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Autopsy Lodged in the appendix was a medium sized black pin
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a photograph of the private block hospital which is
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usual rounds specified the different diets prescribed medication and
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sity of a strict legal control of the sale of meat and
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passing nearly as much through his kidneys but there
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such as cholera and dysentery almost all the other infectious diseases
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The general conclusion appears to be that it is impossible to draw
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great knowhtdgc. Matanan the protector of the religion and customs of his
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more pay patients to the institution and thus furnish the funds with which

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