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vantages for income and investigation have materially improved
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pitals extant. The buildings themselves will be fire proof
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day. In Washington. I have been registered in Brooklyn ever
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It is also frequent in these countries in large towns to give the
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is that epilepsy and traumatic insanity would be of constant and
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dbtoine nlocr of the aldn become more sensi ti re congested and swoOco
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times is restored to its natural position. In adults
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superstitions about these curious concoctions and banishing them
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Dr. Barker Well an internal hydrocephalus I suppose might
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thermostable opsonin normally present in the serum.
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soundly while persons who work in the close unhealthy
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nal and which is that now adopted in the British Pharmacopoeia.
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and eyes skin rough upper lip and chin covered with
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fluid tested from time to time parallel with the blood
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tion in the radial artery. After this time the patient s
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ptosis is present the lesser curvature remains high in the
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Stille and Maich National Dispensatory. Philadelphia
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his life and perfectly well excepting for the loss of a
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was caused by friction against these for there is no condition
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enthusiastic patriotism. One who looks into the record of
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with 1912 was some 27 000. In many individual iustances this
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health scattered now throughout different departments might be
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regard to the lying in hospitals of this country does
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tions of universities at home and abroad and the local
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H ver. The liver cells were swollen and frequently contained an abnormal
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aboufc by the wind and become mixed with the duBt and

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