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irradiated pig. Animals subjected to the rays were paired off with controls

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Sister and Brother Love Prayers amp Endurances amp Support.

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A gentleman aged about 35 suffering from chronic disease of the

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haemorrhage at the fifth mouth. Pelvic contraction waa

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Virchow thus sums up the splenic changes Hyperplasia of this lym

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ment in the husks of rice has caused the death of iriultitudes

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On the other hand the school who believe in tubercle formation

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reflected from the spot of irrit ation over a large

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morphological characteristics we transfer likewise the corresponding

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begins is indeed at first sight a difficult task but a

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of Chicago as the direct outcome of this course given here

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duction of s Tnptoms are next considered the chapters on breath

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From Uganda and Busera southwards to German East Africa and

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hours after he had injected the poison we injected subcutaneously a

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day four pills are to be taken one fifth of a grain on

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There being no further business before it the board adjourned sine die.

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back behind the withers so that each portion may fall behind the

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culous disease or extreme pulmonary emphysema either vesicular

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it is with pride tempered with gratitude that the local guild acknowl

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ward upon the projection behind the internal malleolus.

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opinion during mv medical life that rheumatic opthalmia was

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individual establishes his own standard. Until such a standard is so established

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as it is a constant source of hydrochloric acid in the

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ful hemostatic and excitant of uterine contraction

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which are occafionally exerted and caufe all the contradlions of the

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right only for such light use as writing and eating. The preserved index

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heat or temperature of the body is raised several degrees

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the assignments of each officer to each section for one week s practical

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good apposition and put up in plaster spica as at pres

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since 1916 for the apprehension of possible carriers among

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honorable and responsible position. Dr. Dodson measured up to every

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