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patients are extremely tender to percussion and the slightest tap may

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power of suggestion and example has much to do with the

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permanently controlling the spasms. When the pulse is

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bathing early often before I am certain of my diag

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and to a less degree the forehead the under eyelids are baggy and

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Miliary aneurysms. Atheroma of the larger vessels of the brain has

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important to be informed regarding normal and usual

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cal operations the better it will be for all parties concerned. Nausea

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of the cerebellar attitude plus tonic spasm in certain groups of the

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ogy in which many of the most recent operations are

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an familiar examples of these. Gowers reports general convulsions

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and the result at which I have arrived is that even large doses

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five sixteenths of an inch left auricle close to junction with ventricle

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The Diagnostic Value of Loss of the Vibrating Sensation

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ISei of Casscl and I opold Gmelin 1788 1863 of GottingeiL

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scale of regulation acuteness i or J per cent. the conditions per

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tnred opening into ilie uterine caTity aboat the size of a silver

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nite results of the effect of galvanic electrolysis were obtained in the treatment

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poses. Unfortunately there is a very large class of persons

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and any treatment directed at any of these conditions should be aimed

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collapse. In other cases it was either the first or an early

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such occurrences or would it be better to forego the pleasure entirely

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their claims there are many others engaged in r ray work who have

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opcucnt of ootidylonutta in tlw larynx. Thufi it uppcani from wliat we

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A lotion containing one to four drachms of precipitated sulphur twenty

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The important principle in the Emmet procedure consists in

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be cautioned to use the mouthwash mildly and not forcefully to agitate

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by the opposition that Professor Goteh who unfortunately

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to Trinity Church a Scotch Episcopal Church of the old fashioned

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rtomach than even of the strong acids these latter forming a coagu

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legs. After the completion of the ceremonies the oc

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believe it. In this paper I shall have occasion to mention

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