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reach all parts of the body, so are the changes caused by them, as a rule,
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surfaces of the premaxilla were removed down to the periosteum and
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were very tender on pressure, but the arms were less affected in
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envelop our pathway. We should exercise a proper self-posses-
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ydurself habitually against its advances. All assu-
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The patient, a female, aged 48, unmarried, a seamstress, had suffered
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Special surgical clinics will be conducted in Philadelphia
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-5-|2-(dimethylamino)ethyl ]- 2,3 dihydro-2 (4 methoxyphenyl)-,
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iug theory proposed by Dr. Rachford, in 181)5, to ac-
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hitherto been accorded to it, for upon the treatment
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time of factor X, which I also measured, and of prothrombin,
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fered with. The attack lasts from one to five minutes ; and its
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in this State, and one which they must settle. He regarded the successful
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and all the quacks in the Peninsula combined, cannot save themselves, .
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following operations for uppendicitis, Harrington, F. B., 105; a
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peated three or four times a day. It is administered in the same way as
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twenty -five centigrammes of saccharin, sufficient to
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Ont^ medical otlicei" and one hospital steward from
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this department of medicine, and that with increased ex-
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once. Careful examination of the tongue and throat regions
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with aspirin, 325 mg per day, should be started postoper-
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result of reciprocal innervatioii of the extraocular muscles (page 814).
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that we have been able to preserve all the diastase that can possibly be produced from
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