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benzyl benzoate in hypertension as recommended by Macht

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tain it and oxalic acid and its salts. The second embraces aconite

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Tlie practice also of using a pair of pinchers on the feet in

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Modifying Causes. According to Brieude sex age climate habits ail

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regeneration of the myelocytes takes place especial

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protection of the Prussian Legation near to which it is situated. The sick

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lirium tremens it arises during the course of the latter.

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personality and we like it for that fact but the epoch making

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stasis due to failure of compensation in mitral disease and in

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nity. For after sacrifice the priest in a white garment as

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unskilled labour it is not possible here to pursue the

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instance there is hardly a cathartic drug which is not improved

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the period of the patient s residence in tlie institution.

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during the war have re Patent Medicines the city of New York

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the lower part of her back is a projection formed by the

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pox caused 24 deaths in Vienna and 5 inBuda Pesth and diphtheria jS

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cific in bone diseases and scrofula. Calx Chlorinata and

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lent health and for aught we know are alive and well to this

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brain. 4. In tetanus neonatorum appropriate doses should be

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a further reduction was made to 38 days. This was the minimum severe

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depth and through it the fluid to be injected with

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drainage is inferior and hence the healing process will be

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of the 24. They should be well clad the clothing being

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of the animal but the efficient caufe would feem almoft beyond con

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side and these may become connected by red or mixed thrombi. In

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not proportionally increase but was oversliadowed by

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influence of digitalis the auricular action remains constant and

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fourteenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and forty three desirous

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When both divisions are pregnant a diagnosis can more readily be

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to the same point on the left. Where the lines cross is the

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to do that she had an estate accounts for that. The second

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