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stances was extended in the Ninth Revision to vegetable and animal
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utilizing available public buildings. The first lot of huts
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frozen but without the sensation of cold. In some cases it may seem
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cially complete removal we must face the following facts
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as long as that consumed in inspiration. The effort
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sires and instincts that he must control T.. X S n iL
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Election of Officers. The following officers wore elected
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Agents similaires chez rhomme et les aniraaux. Studies of the
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The largest specimens of vegetation and animals grew in the
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much more material point namely that it has been attributed to
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cure may be said to be effected it being seldom necessary to apply
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to the friends of the patient. The disadvantages are that it is impossible
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therefore not conclusive. Out of the seventy one patients operated
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tinues we are glad to grasp that long wished for opportunity to change
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houses but each family should be dealt with accord
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having the highest admission rates for malarial diseases 1912 compared with 1911.
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for all the illsofUfe the chief object of the savage is to bring
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of this medicine now before the public will tnerefore be dul r appreciated.
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to the notes on Bacteriological and Biological Products pages 252 to 256
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The symptom. of amygilalitis are those of a general infection fever
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of the aggregate population in the districts in question as against 1.4
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station. The mean relative humidity in 1901 and 1902 varied from
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perfectly willing to enjoy the relaxing luxury of passive perspi
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t red with small hard tumours which were also found in great
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suffers chiefly being diminished usually to less than one half the
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Oovefi ment and Virtues. It is a plant of SaJtum and of a
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toxins neutralized. If it does not proceed beyond this an ambulatory
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the remainder was still immune. He then passed to the
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lar but elliptical. So striking was this poikilocytosis that in spite of

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