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changes in the shape of the red corpuscles poikiloiytosis and in their
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impinges upon the trachea. A large and of en quickly amp tal
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Sde and others have reported cases of paralysis of the soft palate and
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receive most benefit from the above measures belong to the saccular vari
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latiOD of the muscles. As a rule this should not be conunenoed nnti
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connection with atheroma of the systemic arteries including aneurysmal
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ally pale and yellowish and fatty degeneration is one of the most
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petency. If a careful observation of the murmur fails to establish the
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mation. It may be roughened and thickened or the submucous clastic
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a week or two after the onset of paralysis these become flaccid and
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The price of BETA EUCAIXE LACTATE is considerably lower than that of
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cases hsve been described. The suppuration is necessarily tnicro organ
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is more important than a deficiency in the secretions in bringing about
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which cause extensive sloughing of the mucosa followed by cicatricial
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ease gout and arterio sclerosls in such cases the special irritants prnb
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stimulate the heart and impair its muscular tissue general disturbances
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resembleH milk in its millions of fine granules and fat dmpleta.
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pressure. Arterio sclerosis apart from sclerosis of the peripheral veins
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Diagnosis I would restate the fact that a high pulse rate or
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of different portions of the heart muscles and thus explains these mur
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membranes manifest themselves as anorexia sometimes nausea and vom
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Solitary Ulcers. Two instances of ulcer of the cecum both with
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Gastro snccorrhoea Continua Chronica. Reichmann first described a
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Prognosis The gravest apprehensions are constantly entertained by
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bears favorable comparison with morphin administered hypodermically
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mittent.. Destructive resulting in paralysis of motion or Henaatiom
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for descriptive purposes it will nevertheless be convenient to claaaiff
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The sensory disturbances are varied and sometimes striking. The
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separates into three strata the uppermost of brownish froth the mid
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erally follows due to cardiac or respiratory failure or to interference
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arrested there and the rectum distended while if the stenosis be high
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physical growth is retarded and slow. Speech is unintelligible or nearly
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scesses may follow impacted calculi and it is always n secondary affection.
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or physical exertion vertigo depression of spirits and well marked bypo
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The administration of sodium salicylate or lienzoate of salol or of
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found elsewhere. The presence of cerebral as well as spinal focal lesions
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during expiration. This is met witn in chronic adbei ive pericarditis
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cording to Virchow are composed of brain substance but in some cases
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sequently developed a true leukemia. Litten and Musser have also de
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caused no disturbance of the stomach or other disagreeable efi ects.
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Definition and Pathology. A suppurative inflammation rare
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ribs. The connective tissue capsule and the peritoneal coat are both
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casta are found Fig. and erythrocytes rarely appear in the urinc
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Diagn OSis. To establish the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism there
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It suffices to inhale the smoke of these cigarettes to experience immediate relief.
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involvement of the lymph glands Imipectton of the threat shows the
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accompanying symptoms would of course be those of the disease caus
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plies all the muscles of the eye except the superior oblique and external
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Diseases of tlie Eye. A Handbook of Ophthalmic Practk
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first becomes thinned and later thickened by the growth of connective
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and the exfoliated epithelium often hanging in shreds from the bladcUr
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The glycerin extract is readily made Several dozens of thyroids
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certain acute infectious diseases. Tremor Cordis. By this is meant
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malaria and acute miliary tuberculosis the diagnosis of a complicating
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are recurrent endocarditis intercurrent febrile affections which over

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