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Examinations by civil medical officers of local boards 86
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Headache loss of appetite mental depression nausea irregularity
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It is extremely important however to the subject of physio
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of the true disease including the aura the epileptic cry and the various
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first is most often found to be at its normal position but in
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indicative of the need to expand Outpatient Department coverage through the
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has been fitted up as a temporary sanatorium formalepatients
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The lecture work has been possible through the courtesy of the Depart
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But this plan was followed. The amendments were resubmitted by
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The solitniy gUnds and glands of Peyfr of the iutotlne vbk
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the oculomotor muscles and paralysis of the optic nerve. According to Buller
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ject of the motion and function of the heart as well
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vital and they are apt to regard a hammer and tongs
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succeed Traube in Berlin. Last yetir he celebrated the
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hindurch bestehen bleibt so dass die Accommodation sicher
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psychology lt races considered as units. The study is a difficult one
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an intercellular fluid into mosses called zodgliea. They are composed
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infection also determine a less favorable prognosis. Dangerous signs appear
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tions of the anus or the abdominal walls which render efforts at
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Treatment The first thing to be accomplished is to remove the patient
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an experimental section of a cutaneous nerve of his arm and subse
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represents the practical experience of Dr. Spratling as Superin
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congenital peculiarities which render the nervous system of the
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detected but the first sound of the heart over the base was
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bles where the separation of individual horses is not so complete
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ment to the patient himst lf then the sjime should l e
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The most marked effects may be expected in the subacute
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In all cases requiring drainage after vaginal hysterectomy the
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usual gargles or from painting the throat these had
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was not required in such an action to secure a reply in
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Few have a correct understanding of the rationale of the effect
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phora vomitaria Sarcophaga carnaria and Lucilia Ccesar it is only
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ofweids or irregular febrile paroxysms but also to more formidable
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d un autre un commenluire in Ju amp jurnndum Hippocratis quc
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kidney but in which a gouty condition of the blood coupled maybe
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the glands appear otherwise healthy in addition to this the congenital
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granulation poly pi. Accompanying these various vascular phenomena
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spirit. To the task of keeping these pre eminent men of your profession
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reaction to light etc. will serve to make the diagnosis clear.
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carrots together with xanthophylls it is included in the
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matous at first will decrease slightly under treatment and we can
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and liable to be affected therefore by lesions of the thoracic or
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with Dr. Kohn s paper I thought it advisable to call attention
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has with the above mentioned exceptions remained the same as
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hope tliat an ankylosed joint might be attained and then
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mediastinum. The lungs are shown at B B covered by a fine
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Lady Hardinge who died last week in a nursing home in
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covered with a woolly.substance but internally hard and tough like horn.
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Kousso the dried female flowers ol Brayera anthelmintico Kunth
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healed well but the wound in the neck was filled with milky
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with copious secretion. Chronic pleuritis pericarditis and
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infection after intravesical interference the cause of the occur
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the production of the fluid. The temperature of the receiver is
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obliquity and are likewise productive of scoliosis. My names for the
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rotic and haemostatic. Internally is said to be astringi
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culosis beginning in the intestine 13 times 6 per cent. Ipsen con
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Operative department. This department averaged 5 dental
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an hour discussing the function of the pancreas another ex
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values in the other two thirds subnormal values were found.
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of the left kidney. The rest of the abdominal cavity was apparently
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year in which their admission fees have been paid. Delinquency for
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Letters and Cofnmunications to be addressed to the Editor
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show that every physician sliould see that his patient gets exactly what
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ally considered inoffensive but some observations show that by their
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The diagnosis is made by taking into consideration the symptoms as
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Should the second proviso be changed by a few words we would
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which give off filaments to the internal mammary artery
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great cities. This period of emigration from Ireland was
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lungs is met with in cither a fluid or clotted state.
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Dr. Hector C. Cameron will discu s the subject of Tlie Child in
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functions of the sphincters are fleeting and inconstant.
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forgotten indeed there is evidence that nothing would have
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is hopeful that a series of specimens illustrating hyper
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beates and has been successfully used in neuralgia especially when
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was formerly a Civil Surgeon during the war was for a
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is greatly exhausted with incipient or established septicaemia the amputation
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under other alone. The absence of chloroform has an
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quantities. These three antipyretics decidedly diminish
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There are two great classes of cancer or malignant disease. The Sarco
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rest for the gland rest from passive motion rest from secre
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symptoms including apnoea of twenty minutes duration
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certain other designations to man is accomplished by the milk of in
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to be to aim to secure ankylosis rather than to attempt to avoid
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latent metabolic perversion or a slow but persistent intestinal auto
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live. Her sufferings will I think be excruciating. She ought
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sionally melt away in spontaneous night sweats. All the
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Assistant Surgeon who will proceed to San Francisco
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Committee England and also formalized cultures made
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tice and in other sections malacosteon is not rare.
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successful at Paterson N. J. Even in the coldest weather

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