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faithfully tried every means at my disposal for two

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Pel Ebstein pyrexia. This was interesting in that the external lymphatic

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area or repair the damage that may have been caused by

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out the department except at Fort Bliss. Tex. where the surgeon

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the history of recurring gastric crises the varying skin

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ventilation are the giving of alkali and the therapeutic

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tions accompanied by bearing down tenderness of the abdomen pain

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light has been used for many years in the treatment of

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I consider worse than useless as a single application ren

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and amaurosis in both eyes are rare events. I myself have

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of low activity in some such way as that just described.

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the root is selected for official purposes because its aro

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but merely have diminished the number of infected animals and

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we entirely discard from our list of remedies this potent agent

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possesses lacunae and canaliculi but has normally no

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to meet the requirements of the general practitioner in medicine as

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urethral orifice in the shape of a collar. In other words there

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have been accomplished by light hearts and glistening eyes when

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sults merely mislead accurate which w e would all do if we

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brush removes a quantity of epithelial debris. Its contact at

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XLn. The Relations of the Mbdical Pbofession to the

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story. We ve groped and tried to increase our scope.

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are quite uncommon of a primary urethritis with a purulent

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are affected. J ausea and vomiting are common symptoms. If the attack

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two drops of a.lfc solution are instilled a few minutes before

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recognized to be a vasomotor neuro conditions we have a powerful ally

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mouth rectum and axilla. According to a comment in the Lancet there was

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The degree of shock which is often a marked feature of the

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region there is a fairly well defined area consisting of the

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ception of Detroit nowhere was the epidemic so severe

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Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1896

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tinent have been running on short time. There are two principal

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lower extremities which so much impressed Dr. Bristowe in the highly

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by local applications of belladonna ointment to the


disease as a most satisfactory and complete practical guide for the

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These cases prove that before tlie operation for strangulated hernia is

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Small people bear a valvular lesion better than tall and bulky persons and

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rigid lines should be drawn as to coroners inquiries we nevertheless

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maintenance. Tice Local Government Board objected l nt

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run further than is desired. After injecting a spina

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verse of quantitative relations. There should be plenty of stimulus

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iritis injuries and cold are mentioned before the important

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it was the one rule that the framers of The Hague Conventions

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sometimes divide at the ends of the ovoid balls of myelin and the

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tion 5 guineas for each entry to the whole examination. For

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from the circulation by the glomeruli and tubules. If the concentration of

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Great interest attaches at the present moment to the problem of the

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opment grow and become stronger the mortality falls diminish

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ment the favorable or evil effect of influences occurrences and

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circulating blood. Such areas were distributed irregularly. Other alevolar

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gullet. There is nothing specific in the black vomit of yellow fever.

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Secondly I found in a large number of cases of byper

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and over feeding. Give good grooming blanket if necessary and keep

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The internal administration of the Potassium salt for some

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weeks before the legs had been swollen before the accouchement but did not

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beds are on the porch the complete airing of wards and the flooding

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Man. 4 years old SO kilos in weight healthy hut slightly

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presence of spastic phenomena viz. increased tendon reactions

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that this intermittent jaundice was due to the ball

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sibility and intelligence normal. The physical signs of the heart are

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which so much original work has been done in recent

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of co operation and to develop in the public interest

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eenth century the workers in this subject became discouraged and

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box or trunk. An infant of five months died suddenly in

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nothing more generally useful than the repeated ap

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It is an excellent review of the subject where the history of

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the various morbid phenomena. To this end I have brought

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Eesection of the ureter and reimplantation into the bladder

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portion moved is entirely unlike the original condi

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and epithelium no sugar. On allowing the urine to stand a cream

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iterly. Perspires in the upper part of the body at night.

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several organizations in Camp Grant between September 21 and October 18

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while the non specific lesions showed a second spiral

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organs and coincident increased sexual activity on the part of the animals

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