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on reputation Xo one in the Council or in the Province abhorred
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Diseases affecting the pericardium also frequently produce passive
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mains to consider the details of the problem noting the methods
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may be in the criticism or answer as to English nurses
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non simplioi sed ipsa inter artificia exscctionis.
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who are compelled to use the voice in singing or speak
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experience obliges me refusing assent having met several cases in
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pyriformis and uniting into a single trunk at or slightly below
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cells. The inner parts of the tunica adventitia and the tunica media
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absorption and presence of alcohol in the blood endeavor to point out the
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the week except Tuesday when the amount showed an excess.
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Irregularity of outline and of size and eccentricity of position
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was pointed out by Canstatt 1839 is the fact that it
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has studied the relation existing between an abnormal condition
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Hutcheon 1903m 551 554 pathology. Jamieson 1897a 73. an8on
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would lead to the belief that in some circumstances the psoroptic
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hekl appointments in the L nivcrsity Dispensary and
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on the healthy side. This danger must be remembered and the aurist
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laries without damage to the lungs and become localised in various
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Case 3. This case gentlemen as an exceedingly interesting
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sub order Strychneae. Calyx four or five parted. Corolla tubular with
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Another point certainly is much more interesting and im
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account for the constant dribbling spoken of by the groom. There
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fants of all ages and conditions of malnutrition and
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country any law against the dissemination of properly pre
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ture containing water in a perfectly soluble capsule
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years that a panic had almost ensued and the people
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attacks impairs memory may produce cerebral hemorrhage temporary or
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survive than occurs in the other species. The ameboid activity
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the greatest help in the diagno.sis and treatment of this dis
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One of his greatest gifts his ability as an entertainer Dr. Rankin
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at the place of execution to bear witness gentlemen that I die
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constantly better you will be able to do things never
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Rosenthal reports a rare case of poisoning in a child eighteen months
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simply the expression of some chronic incurable disorder carcinoma for
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ing one or both ureters in 3 cases. Three of the 11 cases
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may be brought back to normal size in a few months.
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Una. Reinfection is prevented by giving vermifuge medicines to
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tioners have come into active if not acrimonious conflict. No such conflict
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milk are to be supplied in hermetically sealed tin containers of various
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and about 80. I evacuated a small pus pocket under the crust
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ing the character of the proteids of the milk it was
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Latin because Latin is a learned language. We should like to hear a
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Any man having a temperature 1 above normal was sent to hospital any
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to explain the onset of the condition and paralysis has several times
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development of cancerous epithelial masses from the small or terminal
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recent Pittdown find Eoanthropus Dawsoni 1911 and where he
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London hospitals was actually doubled and in every depart
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On the anaesthetic side of the palate ery much the same
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and whatever the hypothesis may be the result is always the same.
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shadows than a larger plate. One anteroposterior view is usually
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ganic salts except carbonate of potash but none of the salts which
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otomy was first performed. To get rid of the retained tracheal
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valuable effects result from the employment of the ferruginous spring.
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In accusations of rape and other violations of sexual moral
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If the congestion of the lungs has been of sufficiently long duration
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febrile or general disorder remove the pressure on the vessels
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definite increase in cardiac outline in dogs gassed with phosgene. The dis
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tongue puts us in good humor and disposed to chat to dis
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round ulcers of the oesophagus varicose veins in the
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teachers. One of the best in the school. The auricles are
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I have already referred to the remarkahle periodical paralysis of tlie
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light and without doubt improvement in the technic will result in
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of such cases will be very materially diminished. A perineal lacera
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support the interpretation which was given to our previous re
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that Fehling s solution is reduced by all the fluids that become more
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but the danger of its occurrence is slight in comparison with the danger
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portion and six wings having a capacity of 470 beds. The first
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by Jlr. Albert Keitlinger in memory of his son a student of
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to report again in two weeks when the discharges had
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reversed in the paralytic form. Frommhold has obtained the best
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adjacent lobules the collapsed lobule is also compressed. The colJApMd
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Give the origin and the distribution of the posterior digital nerve.
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tacks of gout much more frequently than women and this fact is as
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ably dilated and he was annoyed with double vision and a general
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But in English we are compelled to use nephritis etc.
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Chairman that for 350 000 it is interested in developing an NBTF
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divide the humerus according to the author is just below the con
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Hospital for Women held commonocmcnt excrci es in the
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regarded as a phenomenon belonging to lepra anaesthetica exclusively

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