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fatigue an emotion or some slight digestive trouble.

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cations. The nourishment must be positive and of ea iy digestion. The

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sible to locate the obstruction in the sigmoid flex

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In the case of those required to give their whole time to

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CHARLES B. TOWNS HOSP1TAL.293 Central Parh West New York City

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that there is an improvement even after the first injection that the

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system of the lung explains the influence which agglutination of the

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der vine growing wild in the United States and Canada and

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duct being about 2 cm. in diameter. The operator decided that a

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that cases of combined malaria and typhoid were very frequent

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es gt ecially imder unfavorable ccHiditions is a potent causative fac

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was further agreed that among resolutions to be brought for

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just the same as when a person holds them one in each

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fittings at the cost of production. At the present market

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ten to twenty cigarettes a day 6 only admitted smoking more than

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hand it may frequently stumble setting its feet down in an

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the diphtheria antitoxin prepared by Behring. Here the podiatrists

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Ophthalmoscope showed neuro retinitis with choked disc

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with boric acid potassium permanganate and silver nitrate solutions

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blood etc. appear in the pharynx during expiration and disappear

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He believed in education of the masses and he particularly favored the

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Dr. Redman demonstrated to the Senior Pediatric section how to apply the

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This was bro vnish. often a reddish color but never

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sufficient to cause indistinctness of the heart sounds and

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mediated through this nerve alone and the boundary estab

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very finely divided condition and quickly gave a blackish

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cold bathing and general hygienic measures are called for.

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a determined influence on the walls of their respec

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attempt to close the opening in the first by vegetations

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are heard in the so called death rattle incident to the moribund state.

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the finger proves that the canal runs in an obUque direction and does

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taches it to the diaphragm and also by an extension of the

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ment sustained in force contributes to the reparative

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They may arise from the bony walls of this cavity or from

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ounces lard one pound. Bruise and simmer the roots and

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lishment of a special ordinary professorship of this study must have

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kept clean aj washing with warm water a good toilet soap and

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In order to reduce the testicle the usual operation of

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ness of the intestinal wall which permitted this might

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by a well marked fissure and corresponding to the sublingual lobe

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The retina or internal layer is the thinnest and most delicate.

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tion in the presence of which proper exciting causes may lead

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Prognosis. In the acute stage the prognosis as regards life depends

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nerve tubes had lost their double contour the myelin

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October November 1905 5702 Elmer Marcli 1904 Province of Isabela Kcha

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auxiliary use of oral administration is of doubtful utility.

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hear rales in front and back at the base. The heart

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beads and extending all along the tendon of the M. flexor sublimis

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General Hospital gave a positive Wassermann reaction

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process we entertained some hope that the sloughing would proceed and

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lateral ventricle which one of the brain a vesicle the size of an

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be well adapted. The latrine could be arranged over long urine soakage

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is a demand for these at highly remunerative juices has induced the regents

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pill. Take one half an hour before the last meal of the

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rant electrometer and are of a purely qualitative order

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the drug is sufficieptly manifested. We must not be surprised at this lengthened

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the liver kidneys bowels etc. conditions assorjiated with auto intoxica

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may be the first thing to call our attention to the

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tuted in the bath department where the arrangements will be

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a case of lichen planus in which itching was very marked was

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abdominal aorta may be successfully treated by arterial compression on

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than three months. She had never been infected with

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The building is excellently suited for the purpose is very

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Chairman. Drs. Bell Turner and Cox were elected for

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twice once with success and in one ease which appeared

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a patient whose power of burning dextrose is grossly

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