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information and of advertisements that it is some times ver dif
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that the addition of a spinal system to a ganglionic as in the
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health. His aspect corresponded with this account. Pulse
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The following was the regimen prescribed by Mr. Har
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and j.ressurc on both sides will cause fluctuation along the tendon below
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digesture. For a sudden cold take a dose of the com
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be gradually added to the acid solution until all is dis
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lished through it. If the teeth are sound the antrum
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Some authors say that errors in diet cause acne that certain
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cylinder is then closed by means of a doubly perforated rubber stopper through
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strained and the emulsion taken fasting the patient
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of immunization over the sera of the same animals at a less advanced
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strual period. There w as at this time very little flow
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Eiavallf gt e M. L o dentc pulinonaire et les crises vaso
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keeping it above this line produces an equally deleterious influence in the
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the work of the human maintenance departments in industry.
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in cases of rheumatic delirium is of course very serious but not
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practice. The speaker said he had never seen it used in ty
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few agonal respirations. In these cases the lungs were usually dis
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its usual place being from si.x to twelve months after the chancre
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recurrent pain or electrocardiographic abnormalities. Rein
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This subject is highly interesting and might be ex Fo uced
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triculated he was visited in his room by two of the
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is abnormal nervous influence. While the digestive tract
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portion were operations by election and performed in good season we cannot
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deeper portions of the urethra may be differentiated from other ure
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distinctions of encephalitis into forms are unnecessary since sufficiently
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is called systole. That from the beginning of the second to
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years of age is concentrated in the central and eastern portion of
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Haig who believes that all three disorders depend upon uric

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