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the entire structure down to the deVmis plays the most important

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centigrammes three times daily to a girl on whom he had

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carditis to occur the bacteria must have reached the heart

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the colour was progressively deeper through the colon into the rectum in proportion

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greatly in number and size their bulk generally increasing as

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Fig. Case. a curve taken twelve days after a sudden and severe

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As a summary of the views contained in this Report the Com

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fected animals in from a week to ten days after infection

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is repeated two or three times. For larger amounts such as may be

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in difl erent parts of the head commonly towards the forehead and

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sionally be of advantage. But would like here to say

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anodynes to relieve the pain. We shall learn to search more

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If tonics ar used thev should be selected witli refer

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though extended to the whole of the nervous system yet chiefly

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strict regimen the enforcement of which is sometimes im

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tions entrusted to him and treats confidentially and with care a

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In reference to the choice of operation the lateral

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through the disease an.d gives suck to a j rttcvy child is very

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Bumstead refers to six unpublished cases of laryngeal syphilis under

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I will however venture to say that it is probable the melan

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ogy Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Massachusetts

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was complained of. Four ounces more were introduced when all symptoms of

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application or use of stong acids alkalies amp c. Mechanical from

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As to the prognosis it is certainly difficult to be of a

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animals develop diseases of the bones and joints without the

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Some weeks before admission she had severe neuralgic pain in

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strikingly different. The animal would lie there apparently in

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the Pennsylvania Hospital for Epileptics. Chestnut St.

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occasionally this last variety of bronchitis assumes the acute form

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solid matters has been observed and also inconstant

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these areas. At this stage the absence of displacement of

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