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injected by him and will report having produced a tumor when

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medical profession Borne facta relating to the origin.

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leUCOOyteS and the format ion of fibrin is chiefly in

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with good results. Results of vaccine treatment are dis gt

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gases and similar subjects so as to minimize the likelihood

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M. The spots arc to he washed once a day with soap and

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failed then radium was applied and the growth apparently disappeared for

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treated of whom 341 recovered and 23 died showing a

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has been appointed president of the Board of Managers in place

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the inexperienced or uncleanly is not without its dangers.

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then is not prompt we resort to inhalations of oxy

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all day long that she could not sleep in the after

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one who was persona non grata to the Oligarchy ever had

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that the buffer qualities of the blood are such as to prevent any

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perinaenm. No pain was experienced in the lumbar regions. Micturi

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circular letter issued by the Major General Commandant of the

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Strangers visiting an endemic centre are very prone to it.

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kocytosis. The hypoleukocytosis is largely the result of

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marked case and the choice lies between such treatment

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The walls of the thorax are formed anteriorly by the

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on the theory of auto intoxication should exist in large quantities in

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an idea of mine that the schedule which 1 have given

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increase to 10 000 is without much practical significance

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nor yet a therapeutic monist depending solely on mercury

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country. Ten or twelve years ago the leading physician

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placenta and reduce the uterus by pressure on the fundus. I quickly

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issociation and contributed reports of cases to the British

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the disease had spent itself the Spanish government offered re

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learn this lesson but in the interest of humanity whose mission

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cells play no part in forming melanin. Karg pointed out that if

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the thigh. Dr. Wood Hill however did not give any direction

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This paper might be consulted b those who wish to examine the urine

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individual a circumatance which must always be left to the medical

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all such cases mercury is inadmissible and our chief reliance must be placed

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the soft palate. Somewhat more frequently they spread from

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patients the undoubted subjects of inherited syjihilis and you will

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profession a greater degree of pessimism in foretelling

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The author points out that the misfortunes of one genera

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of the child type will result in masculinism and femininism. In

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