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presentatives to waive the rule thus considering the per

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larger mortality 3 in 14 in his experience so far than there

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best preparations are tho extract and the alcoholic tincture. The

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giving about 40 litres per day to 100 Sheep. Crushed barley roasted

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surgeon to drain the mastoid cells and antrum at the same time.

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pursued. Catarrh bronchitis and chronic cough are the

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ment is left out and the deflection of the magnetic

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relieved when eating and when lying in bed lack of confidence

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are exceedingly elegant especially those from the Pans manufacturing

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The Tubercle bacillus as a Human Benefactor. In the

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If a medical officer is not available the wound must be further treated

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the Hospital Corps barracks which should be provided even if the

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worth Kans. was received which with the present number in the

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that she had intercourse botli wth her husband and with a

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posing causes exist yet gestation is at all periods endangered by inter

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cases. In justification of this confidence he cited not only the autho

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this point. What is there in these requirements which will pre

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Quod si di placabiles et aequi delicta potentium non statim fulminibus per

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The chief cause of the occurrence of faecal fistula was

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Epistola ejusdem ad Callistum et persuadet ad Pullum Na

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number of cattle. Not only so but the bread and potato

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sive odor indicate too highly concentrated food or an irritation of

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certained whether the vesical outlet could be reached

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his nervous energy by over exertion. We must then guard his scanty

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commencing in the nervous extremities maj not only induce disease of the

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White women who have borne a child to a black man are

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the sacrum or rather to its lower portions and becomes more distant

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intraocular pressure caused by reflected irritation of the vaso motor

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from a physiological standpoint after which there may be con

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condition generally and to prevent the recurrence of epidemic disease.

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three or four awned and with downwardly barbed margins. Flowers

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rologists to explain the connection between the vari

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The severe lesions of congestion often observed in various mi

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Iodide of potassium and colchicum in chronic form. Quinine 379.

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William March 15th 1873 and addressed to the Secretary to

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out Ba Ca Da the simple vocal exercise prescribed in such cases

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lation to diseases. That certain diseases are influenced by here

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them. Pope could not imagine music producing any pleasure. The har

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nostic because it is not always distinguishable from a men

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acid. The amount of such preservative to be notified

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on the left side. It is their opinion that postapoplec

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causations of the disease which determines clearly the therapeutic

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Operator controlled passenger elevator service was extended to 7 00 PM on

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old girl on account of some secretion coming from the child s

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neurasthenia. His treatment is First to search carefully for

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important part in the production of dilated lymphatics and oedema.

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perhaps rupture occurred afterward and then it was perhaps walled in.

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provision is identical with the one in force in respect to other

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capsule of the spleen has ruptured or remained intact forming a large

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cases treated since the introduction of hydrotherapy the mortality was

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A reduplication of the second sound most typically discernible

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The important principle in the Emmet procedure consists in

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tions are evidenced by considerable headache and a decided

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a purj lish tint. The time of menstruation makes some difference just

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treatment should be continued until all induration has gone. In the severe

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knowledge of when to operate. They might have been saved if

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horses and mules. The motor car is an admirable thing for good m

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qu on nc vtMit ct de plus Pignerol prodnit des truffos

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with the parent s or attendant s pocket handerchief which has

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board holds somewhat frequent examinations in all the

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blood no shock. Time of operation was about sixty minutes.

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the tumor is cancer the pecaliar earthy hue the wasting and emacia

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kidneys and may result in the development of Hright s disease lienc

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after receiving his degree from Rush married Miss Alice Gould

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should be tried first. There will always be time to

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the chest wall are best marked and most characteristic

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emphysema very easy to recognise. This emphysema may remain

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morphosis and restore normal circulation innervation

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may be shaped from a sc uare yard of muslin as folKuvs

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results. He concludes with a brief mention of scrum treat

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cases. While these observations are far too limited to arrive at

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Nassau Hospital at Mineola L. I. has received 6 000

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educative action on the public who will consider it

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iar to these months. Again tlie disease has most frequently appeared in

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agreeable taste than the ofl amp cinal liquor potassce and is therefore

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cold lessened by rest and heat. A complaint of lumbago

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necessary for the purposes of more freely lubricating the part and to permit

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powerful influence of pulverized agaric to control the

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for the affinity of hyaline substances for acid stains and its fail

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in tho system demands nn ad litionnl supply of air. While at fW

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other flies to deposit their eggs their hatching or even deposit may be

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tion on the left side and. without waiting for cavity

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bowl of dry plaster. The left hand is placed down on this

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cause perfect mobility of the fragments is thereby avoided.

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He likewise magnifies the suggestion of the manufacturers

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caiechu. This variety is obtained from the Uncaria gambir it

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