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nervous cases per cent lasted less than ten days. There was slow

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he could not or did not pay. He in one instance of

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warfare upon wbioh the ooutest will soon be raging.

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as an utero ovarian reflex in connection with circumuterine ha matocele.

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the equivalent of altitude with the comforts of home

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raised slightly sometimes very markedly as shown in

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sion of an important clinical laboratory investigation the neglect of

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in this country than they do in Europe or in Asia. We have

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stated the restitutio in integrum in many cases of diphtheritic heart

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very marked. At postmortem the organ was found to be greatly enlarged.

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upon his feet with no inchnation to raise the heel and in

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department. While there will probably never be many

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recklessly expose themselves to the influences of diseases. They take

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made to letraverse the path made b it and the removal

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opens the belly and purges. A syrup made as the syrup

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tive. Under these conditions and as the patient was

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point in a line let fall perpendicularly from the angle of the

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and the contamination was traced to one of these that

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actiou of a slow sinusoidal current we obtain a contraction which

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mustard arrived at the half of its power and thus remaining for

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of the fish used were infected before the experiment began.

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