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and habits of a large portion of the population prior
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of grave constitutional diseases, in members of the families is nec-
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where there is, except in certain localities, an almost
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certain verdict if the case had not been brought to a termination
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Elephantiasis of the leg is best treated by rest, elevation, massage, and
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increased circulation of the Journal of the American Medical Association,
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sick will be sent to the large hospital at Camp Colum-
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same power of selecting her celestial bridegroom, as the male enjoys of
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well cleaned. Then have a few hogsheads separate from the others in which yon
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nified and learned court, who perhaps understand the subject better
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the case, for it conducts to a very slight degree. According to the dis-
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arise out of the contemplation of the field of nature, such a
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after degrees had been conferred on 134 graduates by
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1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1912 1913 1914 1913 1916 1912 1913 1914 1913 1916 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916
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Pancreas, a study of the diastatic activity of the urine and feces, with
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per gallon of sulphuretted hydrogen, both liquid and
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means at its disposal Great economy is practised in the
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from any object or noise : a fault in the horse that
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The ointment of creosote is said to be effectual, even
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Valvular disease of the heart as one of the causes of emboli,
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contain from 4.2 to 15 per cent of silver, ichthargan contains
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fronted with improper bowel activity throughout its entire length.
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taken as well from the vegetable as the animal clafs,
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he had these favourable results, why consider other operations ?
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following extraordinary case, the particulars of which are given in full : —
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sentimental inactivity by sympathy with the patient, or from fear of the
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purpose, since which date numerous towns have followed
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the cases were complicated by catarrhal symptoms, and in the third case there
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axifraga Virginiensis, Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. i, 269 (1803).
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perhaps knows no bounds, but is co-extensive with civilization if not
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water distilled, 154 minims; acid sul. arom., q. s. Dissolve
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navel — an acute pancreatitis or a subphrenic abscess. I have seen
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Mich., for duty and assignment to quarters. November 24, 1899.
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In dry, rocky, cliffs; Laramie, 1891 ; Platte Canon, July 13,
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of the supposed imminent danger of suppuration destroying the
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apparatus, are discussed. Operative treatment receives its full share of
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among which are the fungi of farcy in beef — Xocard, madura disease,
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the blood into order and causes a general healthy acti-
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The claim of Dr. Bra, of Paris, that he has cultivated

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