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duly solemnised valid when the parties on reaching the ages

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late to have a funeral yet returned the urbane doctor as

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M5 4. 1 Add immediately before adjusting the reaction a frag

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syphilitic history as I had followed the family for a long time as

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able instrument though not an absolutely necessary addition to the arma

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Medical and Surgical Registrars. Salary for Medical Registrars

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will be readily separated from laryngeal croup. A careful considera

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offered many modifications and it may now be said that quanti

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Gibson says It is propagated in every direction but

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pery elm poultice see form three times a day. It it be a

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since through his influence and personal attention we were shown

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approximately 1 000 new cases of venereal disease are

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District Medical Society will meet at the Salem Hoe

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away. Bone ends were adjusted and the wound closed.

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were present a number of atypical cells of the lymphocyte class such as

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inch of carbonic acid. Recent analyses have shown the presence of lithia

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remarkable is the improvement in orthopaedic results.

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and their carbonates soaps lime water the chlorides of barium and

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to his full standard that he is consumptive it only shows

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The patient rapidly declines in flesh and strength. There are daily

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mental activity towards wholly new subjects. This need as we

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