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ents who are mostly concerned about the general af

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case tlKit of a woman aged 36 ou her first admisson to

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place of inoculation also how it occurred. Of one hun

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frothy liquid and speedily concretes into tears sometimes the

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or merely with a disturbance of the circulation as in chronic passive

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There has been no marked change in sanitary conditions at militarj stations within

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course will be completed and by passing the final examinations

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The inner or amniotic layer is so loosely united to the amnion that

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which requires this slow struggling kind of exertion. The pull of

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sw and from South Africa Physopsis africana. In addi

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bone over quite an extensive surface the incisions were united in front by

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the educator and psychologist who in their turn will act

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eminences of the occipital protuberance and ridges

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JouRKAL of September 24th on the treatment of syphilis

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Case 51. A number of larvae preserved in spirit were sent by

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mal fchould if practicable be maintained in the erect posture.

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a factor common to both yet there are certain features in

phenergan codeine cough syrup ingredients

were alive. He found that with the dilution of 1 in 100 there

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is removed it is much less offensive than the ordinary

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their frequent occurrence iu proximity to the cavities

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follows The whole number of eases examined was 44. 1.

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be found most convenient. In one volume it was growing beyond

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wncoinmon. Sluggish circulation is partly the result of

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in every council of militia or revision a thing impossible is now

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is remarkable that the rheumatic cases almost exactly correspond

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the structure of the red blood corpuscles of man and other animals.

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and the sternum. He then repeatedly presses in the thorado

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But this treatment can not be carried out in private

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shines. These angesthetic phenomena are thus the signs of

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Of sedative sprays cocaine produces the most immediate and posi

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In the severe form there may be either remissions so that although

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Surgeon General of the Prussian Army was once a barber. The


up to the present time is still a subject of these attacks.

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