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leaving his bed for any purpose, and the stomach should, so far as possible,
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therefore, will, like the Psylli, suck the poisoned
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brain with a through stream of weak solution of bichloride of mercury, in
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a mixed diety i, e. , proteid as well as carbohydrate, sugar,
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The skiagraph shows the right shoulder slightly raised, with a
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tion of the cervical canal. After frequent repetition of this application, the
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food fairly well, had no vomiting to speak of. and the
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of the retina) the photogenic ethereal waves must first penetrate before visual
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\iM >NiU ^O^^f^ittiti^^i^ 4b^ I i^fer hare to cases where
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cystic disease of the kidney ; but otherwise, there were no
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was cauterized with chloride of zinc and an antiseptic
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solutely demonstrated by the final disappearance of the nucleus
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The eastern base of these mountains, so far as I have
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insists that her adherent retroflexion must be treated
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three and a half to four and three-quarters inches, or further, from mid-
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He points out the association between sexual excess and neurotic
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been led also to place very little reliance, except as corroborative evidence, in
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intermediate- and high-grade lymphomas, at least when
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My opinion is that nothing yet devised will prevent adhesions
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tract early ; the tibialis posticus and anticus and
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that the early onset of the symptoms and death in rabbits 436
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to have in this country, at least, one such hospital. But, is it worth
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those figured by Dr W. Russell of this city in his paper on the
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typhoid fever we have no assurance that they are really protected and
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Dr. Sylvestre have more cases of tubal pregnancy in his practice than
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yet sufificiently so to show that, on account of the coagu-
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ger of purulent pleuritis seems to have been avoided by free
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disturbance may be ascertained. As long as the gray matter
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sensitive to sudden thermal and hygrometric atmospheric
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after ether and does not last long. It is often over and done with
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looking to a correction of these difficulties is deferred, the
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for Psychical Research. Its object was to provide a
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poorer this absorption is, just so much poorer is this
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occured during a given period, one would expect that in the
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" Dis.section of the Shoulder Kxplaining the Action of Kocher's
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tion that infiltrates into the surrounding tissues, so that in the course of
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of evidence that the sanitary engineering aspects of the problem were
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IT 7. Lonicera sempervirens. Honeysuckle, 5, 1. The ripe berries
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ton, 1884. Contrib., " Demonstrations Messer," Illus. Monatsch.
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whiskey was increased for a time. This patient has remained
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Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of

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