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cultural land in the State. It is well settled and con

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commending the days of their youth which they scarce re

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Washington D. C. is assigned to duty in the surgeon

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chloride into the site selected and leave the needle

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these areas of organization many new formed and congested blood

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stimulates the muscular fibers and that warmth relaxes

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to our inquiry for information concerning the nature of lichen

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about half of the hemisphere was subcortical but had become

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kind of energies they are all normal. If the physicist meets with

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and explained that the minutes had been kept in accord

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tinuity. From end to end anastomosis of arteries he advanced

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serumbehandling. Ulcus molle infection of over a year s standing cured

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Definition. Chronic hydrocephalus is a brain disorder

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Dr. Osier himself has cherished three personal ideas

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conditions depend on the degree of intraspinal occlusion. The degree of

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may avert the necessity of tracheotomy. A blister applied

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complication. In almost every case in which the child was allowed to be

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tators both ancient and modern are at one in believing that he

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lated in his recent investigations as to the identity

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diligence and exactness we see used by botanists in

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The second best procedure is that of the open method by

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sote may be dissolved kept con This solution may either be applied

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carried out. The seconder of the proposition endorsed these remarks

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Jove hurling thunderbolts from a mountain top with his red

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invalids who come chiefly from the curable class of tuberculosis.

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circumstances. This would amount to admitting specula

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In the large white kidnevs of cardiac disease the large thickened

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quadrigemina the lateral fillet and the lateral column of the spinal cord.

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ficial way this very marked variation in mortalities is

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eight days. Improvement is usually seen at once and clinical

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feet together before making the plunge and may even

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factors of eon ulsions in childhood on a neurotic predisposition

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ciation was authorized to continue its investigation as to the prevalence

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and wheezing noise foetid discharge from or clogging and stopping of nostrils

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proper cleansing of the lips teeth and tongue thus sordes accum

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In unilateral hydronephrosis care have been administered. The time re

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a total d I. inhabitants T1 availed themselves ol the treatment while

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The concentrated acid then according to its quantity and mode

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proposed reduction is intended to relieve the Treasury

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