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few moments in a 5 per cent solution of carbolic acid

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salubrity. On the other hand the conditions are far dif

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ing a case of influenza. It has been discovered that the mon

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from Politzer s bag is hardly a fair test of the more conservative

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silicate is still the glaze although modified in that the

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The Committee in rendering their seventh annual report stated that

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to be typical of an old neglected gonorrhoea. There

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and their attraction for it. Consequently the blood is largely

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advantages far exceeding those which it possesses at

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it but room yet remains for more accurate analysis. It has

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which each candidate excelled or failed or was generally weak but

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trized. The most enormous literature on tuberculin fol

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investigation along the lines of cell heredity in cancer will

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stir with a clean stick then fill the cup two thirds full

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certain cases of ascites of pleuritic effusion and of hydro

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tered such treatment should be given before anything else is attempted.

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Las ramas de los nervios branquiales de los peces eon especial

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to the di.sease The proportion of deaths from phthisis

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lowers between strong and weak classes. This equilibration may

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who may be a proper charge upon the county giving the same

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culosis may cause no signs or symptoms for some time.

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