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hospital May 31 with an unhealed wound and discoloration of the

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To recapitulate When you find a patient in fever lying constantly awake

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the spores in vitreous humor by Dr. George Thin whose

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soft flabby muscles acquired through enforced rest are

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usually veiy violent is exaggerated by the least move

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tion from bandages. This symposium is closed with a paper from Dr.

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Aiken Johu Principles of Anatomy and Physiolog y 2 vols. 8vo

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heart according as the patient breathes superficially or deeply and

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in 1917. There were eight children seven of whom were infected

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one of the most active and efficient Boards of Health and Public Health

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it to increasing tho grants in aid of larger institutions

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pean baths of like composition Contrexeville and that the

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tumor and in the fourth place a tumor in the thalamus would have

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enclosing a letter to him from Dr. Griffith with sun

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bone articulating with frontal great wing of sphenoid and

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superior cornu while the round ligament arises from

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manufacture of about 300 tons of palm oil in the year

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relative humidity by 1 per cent only could be obtained. In this

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cated and immobilization is of greatest importance especially in joint

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A large swelling covered the region of the sternum and extended

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marked to prevent the patient following his usual occupa

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The appearance of eystin ifi the urine has been at

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pins. Considerable space is devoted to the important subject of the

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particularly the submaxillary subauricular prescapular and

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distress among ex service men arising out of the war.

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anterior which was not usually the case the bone should be twisted

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certain septic thrombophlebitides of visceral veins of which the

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bership was constituted for all practical purposes only by those

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factory service 3 that the doctors will accept nothing

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sal than that to measles and smallpox. While the two

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the forceps needed and to make sure that the mesenteric

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that we have justification for referring to certain phenomena as equivalents.

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women medical students. These are still by the majority of the

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with an epidemic of smallpox. Grave conditions already exist in Bell

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also toluylendiamin poisoning fatty acids have been demonstrated in salt ex

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spinal tract is involved. The pia mater itself is hypenemic it may lie

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M. le marecbal de Turenne s est enfin convert il a abjure

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